Monday 7 October 2013

Eau De Toast - The Federation Of Bakers

It would seem that eating bread is no longer fashionable so the Federation of Bakers got together to create a limited edition EDP called Eau De Toast capturing perfectly ..well the scent of toast to remind us of what we are missing!

Five facts about Bread

One slice contains just 80 calories and is full of protein and fibre

It is packed with vitamins and minerals

It may not be causing your bloat... 20-30% of people think they have a food allergy but only 1% actually do

Salt in UK bread has been reduced by 40% since the mid 1980's and sugar isn't normally added

Good for your figure - the Government's nutrition survey shows that people who eat the most bread consume the fewest calories.

Now I do love the smell of toast and my mouth waters at the thought of tempting hot buttery an aside it is well known that after giving birth the hospital treats you to tea and toast and I was really looking forward to having mine. Sadly due to complications I never got to enjoy it and I must admit to feeling cheated!!

I won't be wearing the scent but I may well be spritzing the Kitchen with it :)

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  1. When I first moved to the UK I was offered tea and toast from and English girl in my halls of residence when I had a bad cold. I thought it was the most amazing thing ever but it only works in England :D


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