Tuesday 18 March 2014

Twinings Sweet Green Teas Range - Review

As soon as the Twinings Sweet Green Teas range popped up on their Facebook page I knew I had to try them..

Apparently a lot of people know the health benefits of green tea but dislike the bitterness of it so don't drink it. Twinings created a Sweet Green Tea range to convince people to give Green Tea another go!

I have to say that I am not a fan of pure green tea but I do like it with Jasmine, Orange and Lotus Flower and with Peach and Cherry Blossom. All fabulous teas from Twinings.

In tempting flavours of Salted Caramel, Caramelised Apple and Gingerbread the sweet green teas had to be tried. I soon was on the search for them in the Supermarket, only to be disappointed each time when they were out of stock. I then received an irresistible offer of 3 for 2 through the Facebook page if you ordered direct from the Twinings Website so promptly ordered all 3.  The teas arrived a few days later in beautiful packaging. I set to work drinking them (well someone has to!)

Brew Time - It is suggested a maximum of 2 minutes. Best enjoyed without milk

Gingerbread Green Tea 

I am not a fan of anything ginger really so of all the flavours, this was not one that I would usually buy but as it was on 3 for 2 I thought I should at least try it.

Twinings say 

The sweet aroma of a traditional cake shop. The tangy warmth of gingerbread baked to perfection. With real ginger pieces and golden syrup flavour, this is an entirely new take on traditional green tea. One that's utterly surprising...yet wonderfully familiar.

Ingredients - Green Tea, Ginger Root (29%), Natural Flavouring (5%)

My thoughts 

This surprised me and in a good way. My aversion to all things ginger may have been slightly muted. Like drinking a liquid version of a ginger biscuit, it is subtle though. I liked it enough to finish the box but I most probably wouldn't repurchase as it just wasn't sweet enough to tempt me into another box.

Caramelised Apple Green Tea

Twinings say

Warm apple pie, freshly baked crumble. Few aromas can match the cosy embrace of these old favourites. Notes of golden toffee and a touch of spice from real cinnamon make this our most indulgent of blends. Sink into the sofa, relax and let the day drift by.

Ingredients - Green Tea, Natural Flavourings (14%), Cinnamon (1.5%)

My thoughts 

This had a wonderful apple scent that drew me in, not as sweet as I was expecting but pleasant enough. Once again, the flavours are subtle. Nice to drink after lunch. However, I struggled to taste the cinnamon spice.

Salted Caramel Green Tea 

Twinings say

Sweet but somehow slightly salty. Fresh tasting, yet somehow rich and warming. This tea is simply full of contradictions - accompanied by the most irresistibly indulgent notes of caramel. If you love the idea of green tea but also like the sweeter side of life, this may be the blend for you.

Ingredients - Green Tea, Natural Flavourings (7%)

My thoughts

I have to say that this is the tea I was most looking forward to and I just couldn't wait to tear open the packaging and rip open the envelope containing the tea bag.. and yet never have I been so underwhelmed and sadly so disappointed. I tried to detect the sweetness and completely failed, I tried to detect the saltiness and failed once more. I have since drunk another five of these teas and still cannot get excited about the Salted Caramel flavour. It promised so much but to my taste buds failed to deliver. Not sweet or salty for me, just a bland flavour that tastes of nothing that I can describe. Sure enough there is no bitter aftertaste but there is really nothing there at all :(

Final thoughts 

I love the packaging, I love the individually wrapped envelopes with their pretty and tempting designs. I love the anticipation of flavour from the descriptions but unfortunately these failed to truly excite me or deliver enough flavour or sweetness to make me purchase them again. I will be sticking to the other Green Teas I mentioned above.


  1. I have tried the gingerbread & the caramelised apple one and enjoy them both. I think the gingerbread one tastes a little sweet but I do like it. However I think the apple one is so good. I haven't been able to track down the Salted Caramel one but after reading your review I think I might just stick to the two I do have

  2. Oops, I saw the beginning of your post and got excited at the 3 for 2 deal plus free P&P so placed an order since I can't find these in the shops near me. Then I read the rest of your post! Ah well, I might like them I suppose haha xx


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