Friday 14 March 2014

Fox's Caramel Caffe Thins - A Perfect Coffee Accompaniment

As I say often on these pages I am not in the habit of having a cake or a biscuit with my tea or coffee (probably because I know just how many calories are in the morsels of deliciousness..) however I made the mistake of walking down the biscuit aisle and these happened to catch my eye.

Fox's Caramel Caffe Thins 

Part of the new Created For Coffee range these are described as being intense caramel flavoured biscuits, perfect with a rich coffee.

What grabbed my attention was the claim of just 27 calories per biscuit!

My thoughts

I thought that these biscuits were not going to be substantial enough but I was surprised that they were actually thicker than I was expecting. The biscuits are not overly crunchy or too soft, just perfect. The  sweet caramel flavour complements a coffee nicely.


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