Friday 7 March 2014

Higher Living Fab Four The Sampler Herbal Teas

Having been really rather taken by Higher Living's Sweet Chai I was looking forward to trying out the next box .. This time it was a variety box - The Sampler FAB FOUR containing a suggestion for various moments in the day. Don't you just love it when someone helps plan your day for you ;-)

The box contains 20 teabags with 5 x 4 different herbal infusion teas.

Start your day with Ginger Kick - A warming ginger infusion combining ginger (60% ) with lemon peel.

I am not a fan of ginger in any shape or form so this was the one I was looking forward to trying the least. It was surprisingly ok, slightly more refreshing with the inclusion of the lemon peel. I would finish this because I can see the benefits of ginger but it hasn't quite converted to drink it for pleasure!

However, I know many people do so I can see the reason for its inclusion in the box.

Beat the afternoon slump with Vitality - A sweet and tangy infusion combining zesty orange peel and green mate with aromatic allspice.

This is very similar to the Sweet Chai but has less of a sweet aftertaste. Still very nice and I would drink this mid morning or afternoon.

After dinner why not drink a fruity Very Berry - A zingy berry infusion combining hibiscus, rosehip, acai berries and blueberries.

I enjoyed drinking this mid afternoon. Very Berry smelt deliciously berrylike and tasted just as good. I loved it and was pleased to see you can buy a box of just Very Berry from Higher Living. I would definitely purchase this separately. It is like a Summer Fruit Squash but healthier.

End the night with a calming Night - A relaxing evening infusion combining lemon balm, lavender, chamomile with a soothing blend of herbs.

This was a nice way to end the evening, the blend is far nicer than a straight chamomile which I have tried and dismissed as not for me. Chamomile with a nice little extra, does the trick of helping me sleep better and deeper through the night.

All in all a nice box to introduce you to herbal teas.

Higher Living Fab Four The Sampler Selection costs £1.99

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