Sunday 24 March 2013

Win 1 of 3 Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Youth Revolution Kits

Tomorrow I will be starting my Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Youth Revolution Kit trial and will be following up with a review of the results on these pages .. This peel and serum duo treatment promises to help combat the signs of ageing by removing a layer of dead skin cells & improving the skin's overall firmness, tone & hydration.


Sanctuary Spa are offering 3 readers of the chance to win their own kit (worth £22.50) and try the 30 Day Youth Revolution out for themselves.

Hiow to enter 

  • You must be a follower of this blog - Please leave a comment stating how you are following the blog and what your favourite childhood film was and why. 
  • You can gain an extra entry by tweeting about this giveaway. Just tag your tweet with @BeautySwot at the end so I can see it. 

The (not so) Small Print -
  • Maximum entries per person is 2
  • Open only to UK residents
  • All entries will be logged and numbered, and the winners will be selected by
  • Entries close at 23.59pm, 7th April 2013 
  • Winners and instructions as to how to claim your prize will appear on the blog on Monday 8th April. You will have 48 hours to get in touch.

 Thank you and good luck!


  1. Great giveaway! my favourite childhood film is Blue bird with Elizabeth Taylor I used to always watch it with my grandma so it always reminds me of her.
    Oh and Aladdin! :-)
    I'm following via Bloglovin - Elaine and Rachel


  2. I'm very much a Disney Girl so my favourite there Beauty and the Beast :) Follow on Bloglovin' (unevenlemming) and @unevenlemming on Twitter

  3. Ooooh these look fab! Ive never tried Sanctuary but would love to try it! Following you via GFC Courtzz, and my fave childhood film was Forest Gump! My mum used to play it all the time :) @xcourtz

  4. You can't be needing this yet, you're just a spring chicken not like us old hens! The Herbie films were probably my favourite, even though I think I saw every Disney film ever made because our local cinema had a Saturday matinee every week.

    Kirsten x

    ps- I follow on GFC and Bloglovin

  5. Fab giveaway, having been told by my Mother in law this morning that I look tired, I think I could do with it!!! I had many Childhood favourite films, but I think Anne of Green Gables has to be the one and all I can say is Gilbert Blythe ;-) Following you by email and Facebook. Off to tweet :-) xx

  6. I loved the Lion King and Home Alone (so funny)
    Following as mummy24


  7. tweeted here -

  8. lovely giveaway, this looks great!
    i follow via bloglovin and gfc.
    my favourite childhood memory was going on holiday to loads of amazing places like florida, dubai, france, monaco, with my family to create memories that'll last forever:)

  9. I am following via GFC as mellysocks. My favourite childhood film was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang,I love the singing and dancing and I'll still quite happily watch it now :)
    I have tweeted @mellysocks too.

  10. follow via gfc, loved a lot of the disney films. think the little mermaid was my favourite. i used to pretend i was one in the bath lol

  11. Thanks for the giveaway :-)
    I follow with GFC - Victoria; Bloglovin - Cosmeticcravings

    My fvaourite childhood film is The Wizard of Oz. I even named my first dog Toto because of it!

  12. Following on GFC
    Favourite childhood film: The Sound of Music I loved the songs (still do).

  13. Following via GFC

    Favourite film: Oliver because I love(d) singing along!

  14. Have tweeted as @AttachmentMumma

  15. Got to be Aladdin!I follow on here and Facebook

  16. Fab giveaway hun - Following on facebook and GFC.

    Fave childhood movie, Goonies - Band of teens on an Adventure, pirates, mobsters, pirates, treasure!! I could totally relate and still believe I'm a Goonie! whats not to love?

    Have tweeted @naddyjj

  17. I would love this and it's probably much needed. I follow on Google Friends Connect (Lisa Jackson). My favourite childhood film is the Goonies which was on the other night and still loved it. @babynotincluded

  18. I have tweeted @babynotincluded and have also added you to my Baby Comp Weekly round-up

  19. Another great giveaway! I follow the blog on facebook :)

    My favourite film was the adaptation of Wind In The Willows, also my favourite book! I just love all the animals, especially the mischievous Toady.

  20. Great giveaway!!
    I follow with GFC & Bloglovin as Kim Carberry.
    My fave film as a child was The Goonies....Seen it the other night and brought back so many memories...

  21. I tweeted as @kimmer2111

  22. I follow through google friend connect as Firebrick =) My favourite 'childhood' film would be Back To The Future! I just think it's absolutely incredible and always makes me laugh, no matter how many times I've watched it. It's got a great plot and memorable characters, definitely a staple in my DVD collection!

  23. I've also tweeted:

  24. What a lovely lovely giveaway!
    I follow you by GFC as 'sophielou' and I tweeted as @sophie_bowman (

    And my favorite childhood film was probably Beethoven, as I apparently used to act along with it as I knew all of the words! :)

  25. Hi, Lovely giveaway.

    I follow via GFG (Hanna Rose) and Bloglovin (

    My favorite childhood film was probably E.T because it was such an amazing and heartwarming story. I'm sure the graphics would seem appallingly bad these days but back then it seemed truly magical.


    Hanna from:

  26. Following through GFC rosie-@kohsamui14- otherwise known as @kohsamuirosie on twitter-
    fave movie? has to be On Golden Pond! I watched it with my mother and grandmother- it still gives me a warm fuzzy feeling everytime I watch it- right to the end with the credits!

  27. here is my tweet- now wave your magic wand with a Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Youth Revolution Kit please

  28. I adore Sanctuary!
    I follow via GFC Name: Katie

    My favourite childhood film was The Parent Trap!


  29. Hi
    I loved watching annie no matter how many times i watched it
    i follow you via gfc yasminec9
    follow you via twitter @yasminec9 tweeted about this competition link is
    my email is
    thank you great prize

  30. I love Sanctuary. Lovely giveaway.
    I'm following via email
    My favourite childhood film was matilda, I loved watching it with my younger sister. :)
    I also tweeted about the giveaway.


  31. I'm also following through bloglovin,
    I can't seem to get the feedburner confirmation to my e-mail subscription, it's not in my junk e-mail either. :)

  32. Lovely Giveaway
    Followed via GFC: Lauren S
    I would say my favourite childhood film would be either The BFG or matilda.

  33. Thanks alot for the giveaway :-)

    I follow via GFC as Sadi.

    My fvaourite childhood film was Matilda. I loved watching it with my siblings. golden time :)

    I tweeted here :


  34. tweet
    i follow on GFC Georgina Davies and bloglovin xxgeexx2312
    my favourite film was charlie and the chocolate factory i was a huge roald dahl fan!

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