Thursday 28 March 2013

BlanX White Shock Toothpaste Review

Wouldn't you love a toothpaste that actively whitens your teeth every time you smile?

Well that is the claims of the latest toothpaste from BlanX - White Shock with LED Accelerator 

BlanX say

Whitens teeth from first application. Non abrasive toothpaste. Non peroxide

The only toothpaste in the world containing Actilux, an innovative formula protected by 2 international patents.

LED light has been designed to boost the effect of the toothpaste

Actilux is deposited on the surface of the teeth and remains active throughout the day, whitening teeth naturally. Every time you smile Actilux reacts to light, naturally whitening and removing bacteria that cause plaque and tooth decay.

My thoughts

Needless to say whilst I have been trialling BlanX White Shock I have been smiling at every opportunity :-)

The LED attaches to the toothpaste and activates it as it comes out of the tube, but you can also apply the light over teeth to give it an added boost.

The paste is a gel formula and tastes lovely - minty and fresh.

I have now finished the tube of paste and have noticed that my teeth appear to be brighter. I would imagine that this would work exceptionally well after having had your teeth cleaned or whitened professionally, maintaining the results. Personally I don't whiten my teeth but I do like the idea of the gentleness of this paste. I found the results to be subtle but effective.

BlanX White Shock (50ml) with LED £6.99 
BlanX White Shock (75ml) £4.99

*PR Sample


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