Monday 25 March 2013

Sisley Instant Perfect and Global Perfect Pore Minimizer Review

In the second post of my week long skincare routine posts I share with you skincare from Sisley. I like to call these two products The Dream Team as used together they combat some issues that I have with my face - mainly fine lines, pores and the dreaded t-zone shine.. once I apply my foundation my skin is truly flawless.

I have been using both these products for over a month now.

Sisley Global Perfect Pore Minimizer 

Sisley say 

A pore-minimizing skin perfector.

Global Perfect is a powerful skin-enhancing concentrate with an all-around corrective, preventative and treatment action.

At any age, it tightens dilated pores, smoothes the skin's surface and ensures flawless skin texture day after day. 

Active Ingredients: 
Java tea extract: regulates sebum production
Lentil extract: combats parakeratosis responsible for deformed pores over time
Ratanhy extract: instant astringent action
Natural Alpha-bisabolol: soothes

Directions for Use:
Apply morning and/or evening to perfectly cleansed skin, alone or under your usual skincare. Non comedogenic.


Immediately, the skin texture is refined, the skin mattified. Pores are tightened.
Day after day, the skin surface is smoother and more even.
The skin’s balance is restored ,the freshness of the complexion is revealed.

My thoughts 

A pleasant herbal scented light cream that is magnolia in colour. I find this to be excellent at disgusing pores and makes the skin appeal smoother and refined. I was applying this before my moisturiser but since changing my moisturiser and finding that it clashed with it and made the product roll, it works better when applied after.

A great skin prep product.

Left Instant Perfect and Right Pore Minimizer

Sisley Global Instant Perfect

A corrective and skin-enhancing product for an instant beauty boost.

Instant Perfect is a siliconated gel emulsion with an ultra-soft touch, which acts instantly to erase skin imperfections and highlight the eyes.
Its formula combines specific active ingredients for a targeted treatment and highly effective and yet imperceptible corrective foundation.

Peptidic soya extract stimulates collagen synthesis for a long term filling and smoothing effect on wrinkles,
Frangipani blossom extract minimises the appearance of dilated pores and improves skin texture,Vegetable Glycerine provides comfort.

Silicone polymers give the texture its “velvety effect”, improve make-up hold, fill in wrinkles and fine lines through an optical effect, and have shine-control properties,a soft-focus powder improves optical light diffusion on the skin surface for a unified complexion and soft-focus wrinkles and imperfections.

Directions for Use

Using light, smoothing strokes with the fingertips, apply locally to the T-zone, wrinkles, fine lines, and dark areas, after day cream and before make-up to optimise its hold.

Instant Perfect can also be used for quick and easy retouches during the day on areas that tend to shine or need brightening up. 


Fine lines and wrinkles are instantly smoothed and filled in.
Shine, dilated pores, imperfections and dark areas are reduced.
The complexion is radiant and even, the eye area is rested.

My thoughts 

This is a silicone based and velvety textured primer to be applied before foundation, once again this product does exactly what it promises - foundation glides on and lasts, fine lines are smoothed away and not a hint of shine all day.

As these are not just products for instant results but also 'treatment' products with continued use I am noticing an overall improvement in my pores and general condition of the skin with the result that I am actually needing less product to do the same job.

 *PR Samples

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  1. These looked great! I'd love to try these.May I know how much each of them?


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