Wednesday 6 March 2013

SEVENTEEN Oh So Spring Collection Cheek Stamp In Coral

New for Spring from SEVENTEEN - Limited edition - Oh So Spring Cheek Stamps 

This is so cute and portable, make up on the go and no brushes needed! Mirror, Sponge applicator and Powder hidden in the lid - As it is on a spring (when you close the lid) the product is pre loaded onto the sponge so all you need to is stamp onto cheek and then blend with fingers for a subtle flush of colour. As it is light you may need to repeat. However, the very first time I used the Cheek Stamp for some reason it was really strong and I had to do a lot of blending! Now it seems to load on just the right amount to give a subtle glow.

Coral is the perfect shade for Spring loveliness and the shimmer in the powder gives a nice healthy looking glow to the cheeks.


Swatch of Coral Cheek Stamp

SEVENTEEN Limited Edition Oh So Spring Cheek Stamps cost £4.99 and are available in Coral and Pink. You can purchase them from Boots or from 20th March for 4 weeks.

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  1. Ooooh intriguing! I'd be worried about accidentally covering WAY too much cheek/face with it though, like your first time, but my every time - My luck! Might have a look into this though! Gotta be pretty cheap from 17!! xx

    1. Realised from your comment I hadn't written the price in there (now added) £4.99

  2. What a sweet idea. I haven't seen these in store. I am going to pick one up esp as its limited edition.
    I agree with SaraB - I will have to be careful not to coat my face in colour


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