Monday 25 March 2013

GINVERA Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel - Review

This week I will be sharing my current beauty routine with you and today I am starting with GINVERA Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel - with the tagline - Zero Blackheads in 1 step.


Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel works by specifically targeting the cornified skin layer, dissolving and removing the dead skin cells on the top most epidermis layer. This gentle yet effective exfoliating action zeros-out blackheads thoroughly and painlessly and helps remove deep layers of dead skin. When the dead skin barrier is removed, the new skin underneath is revealed, allowing your skin’s healthy radiance to glow from within. It helps prevent pimples and controls oil secretion to help you stay shine-free the whole day!

Directions for Use:

Before cleansing, squeeze an adequate amount and apply onto dry face and neck with dry fingers, focusing on the T-zone area in particular. Gently massage in circular motions until you can see small flakes appearing (these are the dead skin cells and dirt from the skin). After massaging, rinse off with water or facial cleanser afterwards.


1. Rubs away deep layers of dead skin cells
2. Rubs away blackheads painlessly
3. Contracts pores for refined skin
4. Lightens black spots, freckles and scars
5. Removes oil seeds
6. Regulates sebum secretion to prevent pimples
7.Brightens dull complexion
8. Changes dark, rough skin to smooth skin
9. Whitens skin as it gives way to new born skin
10. Enhances quick absorption of skincare products.

My thoughts 

I received this gel in a press bag last Summer and having not heard of the brand I must admit I put it to one side. Before buying a facial exfoliator I checked my box of skincare and makeup still to use and came across this, finally giving it a go..

I have to say I am glad I did. 

On opening the product I wasn't keen on the scent, it doesn't smell as nice as other green tea products I have tried but strangely I haven't noticed the scent since, the strong smell has disappeared.

This is a gel textured, completely smooth and extremely gentle facial exfoliator. On the outer packaging it says you can use this daily and I have been for the last 2 weeks (If you are exfoliating daily or regularly make sure you use a moisturiser with high SPF)

I have found that it glides on smoothly, as it is rubbed it eventually rolls into balls as you can see in the picture above. Once rinsed off my skin is left feeling so smooth, it clears out the pores brilliantly.  Over time this has really cleared up my skin, it looks and feels smoother and much, much brighter (which has been a challenge with the current weather)

I would recommend this product.

GINVERA Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel costs £22 for 60ml and is available online or from Harvey Nichols

*PR Sample


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