Monday 26 September 2011

Oral B Pro Expert Toothpaste - The Verdict

A little while ago I told you about Oral B Pro-Expert Toothpaste and promised a review once I had trialled it for at least a couple of weeks. I have been using Pro Expert for a few months now and am ready to give you my verdict...

The claims - With regular brushing, Oral-B Pro-Expert helps:

• Prevent Cavities
• Prevent Plaque
• Prevent Gum Problems
• Build increasing protection against painful sensitivity
• Prevent Tartar
• Whiten teeth by removing surface stains
• Prevent Enamel Erosion
• Freshen Breath

I was given Oral B Pro-Expert Touthpaste in Clean Mint to try out. 

The Taste - When I smelt this in the tube I was a little concerned. I love brushing my teeth and I am a little addicted to that minty taste that most toothpaste's have..but Clean Mint smells like the coloured water you swirl around after a dental check up or filling. However, once I got over the disappointment and actually brushed my teeth with the paste I found that actually I really liked it. It tastes quite sweet, a bit like cinnamon.

'Active Clean Crystals' - The crystals provide a crunchy sensation when first in the mouth, but they quickly disperse. Again this doesn't bother me at all as they are quite fine.. in fact I was expecting coarser crystals so was pleasantly surprised.

Consistency - Pro Expert is not a cream toothpaste but more like a gel. 

Verdict - After use my teeth feel ultra clean, the kind and smoothness you feel when you pass your  tongue over your teeth after a really good brush. (I hope you know what I mean!) I do think my teeth are ever so slightly whiter looking. My teeth still get a bit sensitive when I have ice cold food/drink. All in all, I like using this toothpaste and will continue to do so.

Have you tried Pro Expert yet?

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  1. I tried this and was a bit on the fence, until I counted up that I had 5 (yes five) whitening toothpastes on the go, I am not extravagent but they were all on offer for a £1 during various weeks, so I cannot be sure which one if any has helped my teeth look a tad more sparkly. I like the fact that this one is not too minty/foamy. Thanks for your review x


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