Monday 5 September 2011

Myface Cosmetics Blingtones - Purple Haze Review

I have often walked past the Myface Cosmetics stand in Boots and looked at the blingtones range and intended to pick at least one up, the poster makes them look so appealing, so when I was offered some to review I jumped at the chance.

I was sent the purple haze shade of eye shadow and nail polish to review which I was delighted with to be honest as purple is one of my favourite colours and is so flattering to my green eyes.

Gorgeous aren't they?

The nail polish applies like a dream, so smooth and creamy rich in consistency. I needed two coats for this perfect look. This is a pretty metallic light purple shade. I love it, especially the way in some lights it is shot with silver.

I would recommend a top coat to make it last.

The purple haze eye shadow looks quite dramatic and gritty in the pot but I was surprised how sheer it was and how soft. I needed three layers and an eye shadow base to achieve this

This is just beautiful, it literally glistens like snow from the silver flecks contained in it. In some lights it can look more pinky/purple with frosting on top.

Look at how it accentuates the whites of my eyes and makes the greens even greener.

I really like the blingtones concept and have my eyes on gilt-y (a gold) and sp-ice-y (a rich warm brown).

Have you tried any Blingtones, what did you think?

Myface Cosmetics Blingtones in 'Purple Haze' - lil'bling polish costs £5.99 and the blingtone eye shadow costs £9.99.

* Samples provided for review purposes by the Makeup Advice Forum


  1. These products are so amazing!!
    I love both ^^

  2. Interesting - I would never have picked that up in a million years, but loving how it looks on your eyes x

  3. Ooo, they're both so pretty!

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies -
    Deedee - they are really pretty!
    rock-or-not - they are amazing aren't they.
    Lisa - Aren't they so wearable


  5. Wow, I like the combination of glitter and purple! This eye shadow would be perfect for our company party. I hope I could find one here in our town.


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