Wednesday 7 September 2011

Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette

Sleek and I did not have a great start, I bought the Sleek Avoir La Peche Paraguaya palette as I was a bit of a fan of peach and orange shades, but I was disappointed with it. I couldn't get on with the textures of the shadows, they were too waxy and hard to blend so it has not been used much if at all since the first time.

At a recent Superdrug event I met up with a Sleek representative and told her about the palette I had bought and she gave me the Oh So Special palette to see if she could change my mind about Sleek's palettes.

The first thing to note is the range of shades, they really appeal to me and I would use all of them. This is quite rare in a palette, there always tends to be one or two that I wouldn't touch, I usually prefer buying single eye shadows because of this.

Contained in nice, slim packaging with a mirror and applicators

With Flash

Swatches of Oh So Special

The shimmery ones glide on and are easy to blend and the matt ones are creamy but not waxy, perfect!

This is actually a great mix of creamy lights to browns, some plums and a bluey/grey and of course the pigment rich Noir. This palette will easily take you from day to night

I have been having a little play with these today and instantly love Glitz - a deep shiny blue.Gift Basket, Organza, Gateaux are just gorgeous. Bow makes a perfect base shade. I will be doing some eye of the day posts with this palette for sure.

The Oh So Special palette is limited edition so if you want to buy it better do it soon...

Sleek Makeup Oh So Special Palette costs £6.49


  1. The colors are really perfect for daily makeup!!

  2. I have this and its really gorgeous isnt it, i love how the colours look on your skintone xx

  3. It looks lovely, just pretty colours!!

  4. I wish they sold Sleek in superdrugs near to me!

  5. Now call me weird but there is something about the embossing of the eyeshadows that puts me off, it reminds me of wafer biscuits which were never a favourite. I think the colours show a good range but I fear that the biscuity reminder will prevent me from sampling! Thanks for the review and photos. Jan x

  6. Fair comment Jan, I on the other hand love wafer biscuits :-) x

  7. This looks lovely, I'm a little obsessed with Sleek at the moment!


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