Monday 26 September 2011

Win a Skin Wisdom/Day Spa Pamper Basket - NOW CLOSED


If you enjoy pampering yourself then you will want to read on!

The lovely people at Tesco Beauty have got in touch and would like to treat one lucky follower of to a pamper basket full of goodies from the Day Spa and Skin Wisdom ranges.

Below is a taste of what it will include:

Day Spa Pure De-Stress Rose & Geranium Bath & Body Oil - £6.00
Day Spa Truly Relaxing Warm Cinnamon & Fig body butter - £5.00
Day Spa Very Enriched Vanilla & Neroli Wash ‘n’ Scrub - £4.00
Skin Wisdom Instant Benefits Line Eraser - £5.00
Skin Wisdom Instant Benefits Derma Polish - £6.00
Skin Wisdom Ultimate Life Serum - £7.00
Skin Wisdom Age Delay Deep Wrinkle Concentrate - £5.00
Skin Wisdom Skin Essentials Detox Thermal Mask - £1.00

To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize, leave a comment below telling me why you deserve a little 'me time'.
The winner will be chosen by me as the person I deem is the most deserving.

Make sure you say how you follow me - along with your twitter / facebook / blogger ID so that I can get in touch if you are the winner.

The giveaway closes at 23:59 on Friday the 30th September and is open to United Kingdom residents only.



  1. I'd love to win this for one of my best friends. She works two jobs, one volunteering at an animal hospital and the other at a crime lab. She also takes online classes. She's absolutely amazing. She's always been there for me. I know it's really rough on her trying to balance everything she has going on. But I'd like to give her that 'me' time she really deserves!

  2. It's not that I deserve a little me time but I am in desperate need of beauty SOS as I work 14 hour shifts and they are taking their toll on me and my skin! x

  3. Because it is my birthday on Friday(42)and i'm feeling a little delicate about getting another year older.This would give me the boost I need to realise there is life in the old dog yet!
    Facebook @curly curl
    Twitter @nipperthedog

  4. Right here goes my pitch - I'm a mum and wife, I work a full time job, I'm trying to build up my own business and I volunteer for Girl Guideing running a Rainbow and Guides unit in my 'spare' time ....theres not much left for beauty treatments so these 'do at home' goodies would be perfect x

  5. Don't get me wrong - I love my family to bits - but my batteries could do with recharging before I face the next round of doctors, dentists and hospitals. I need plenty of energy to deal with the tradesmen putting my Mum's house to rights after the flood damage. I'm happy to have her to stay during the building work, but a little bit of pampering would be most welcome. I promise to share the treat with Mum - she needs it even more than I do!

    Following with GFC @happyfox
    givinganswers [at} googlemail {dot] com

  6. I would love to win this as I never have any 'me time' being a mother of 2 and always on the go. It's all starting to take it's toll on me,I'm only 28 but I feel a lot older! and would love something like this to make me feel good, if only while I'm pampering myself. If I won this then I would definitely make a bit of 'me time' and put myself first for once.

    Following on Twitter as @natz44, Facebook as Natalie Roxy White x

  7. I'm 37 years old and recently had a total abdominal hysterectomy due to endometriosis and poly cystic ovaries after multiple operations and medications my skin could do with some pampering but more importantly after the stress of everything I've had to go through my poor hubby needs to share as it hasn't been easy on him bless him and I think he may need pampering more xxx

  8. when i was 21,energy and wrinkles came last in my thoughts,30 family were my concern,40 bills and teenagers took over my life,45 doubts and worries were top of the list,50 celebrate and sorrows at friends past and present,on 28.09.11 secrecy and silence of the years that have flown and if I'm lucky this gift will hide my 53 years,ssshhhhh

  9. i`d love to win this pamper basket and give my skin a treat. I feel a bit washed out of late and am always rushed off my feet. I look a bit tired and need a boost and this would sure revive me !, so please put my name in the draw to win and i`d smile with joyful glee :)

  10. i forgot to include my email in my last post. it is

    Thankyou :) the one that rhymes is my entry x

  11. I deserve a little me time as I am a working mum with her own business. Trying to juggle everything is hard work sometimes! My mum has been unwell recently and it's been a struggle trying to cope with everything. Final crunch came recently when I lost my wedding and engagement ring and it is not covered on the Insurance. I would love a little cheer up as the thought of having to replace these is the final straw

    Twitter name melandjake99

    Good luck everyone x

    Love Mel

  12. Posted at 9.26 forgot to say I follow you on facebook, wasn't sure how to put the select profile and ended up anonymous which wasn't my intention, I'm the endo, pcos, hysterectomy story facebook name Nicki Cuthbert, xx

  13. I deserve a little me time because my son was born over 10 months ago with a condition called Pan Hypopituitarism - it was a complete shock and he spent the first 21 days of his life in an incubator with 'mysterious' problems as nobody knew what was wring for 5 days! We are now managing his condition which involves giving him multiple hormone replacements including Growth Hormone through an injection once a day! As well as this, he's also missing cortisone which is the body's stress hormone - without this, a simple virus, illness or injury could be fatal. It's so stressful to know your baby's life truly is in your hands as we have to play doctor & adjust his meds on a daily basis depending on how se think he's feeling! On top of all this, we have just found out that he doesn't have any testes! It's so sad to think he won't have children & that he'll also need Testosterone injections later in life! I'm so stressed at the moment that I'm coming up in a rash all over my body and my hands, feet & eyes are swelling up! A little me time Is something I really yearn for! Just some time to think and come to turns with our new piece of sad news! Hope that all makes sense :-/

    Facebook: Hannah Mdy

    Thanks :)

  14. Me time... what's that? With two young children just 15.5mths apart, I'm worn out! I've not had a proper night off/out in 2-3 years and am noticing that putting my family first is taking it's toll on me - I'm in desperate need of pampering to help me feel looked after once again. It's also my birthday the day after the competition closes, so this would make a fabulous birthday gift ;)

  15. with 2 children under 3 i hardly ever get any me time! would love to win this!


  16. It's my birthday and wedding anniversary tomorrow. I have two boys aged 4 and 2 and work full time so I get very little me time. I'm even working on my birthday. I would love this, just to treat myself for 1/2hour. I follow via GFC. @susankmann x

  17. I probably don't really deserve any me time, but I do rarely get any what with working, having a very high needs 2 year old, rehearsing lots for a show (opening night 2 weeks tomorrow - eek).

    Having just had another birthday, pampering myself might just make me feel not quite so old anymore, and also improve my skin before I have to spend a week on stage covered in stage makeup, as well as help my skin and the rest of me recover afterwards! x
    (follow you on Twitter, FB, and via your blog)

  18. I deserve a little 'me time'
    I can't stress this enough
    I'm really worn and tired, and look completely rough!
    I was diagnosed with an illness
    About a year ago
    And since then with all the meds
    My skin is full of woe!
    Its dry and red and tired
    And looks just so worn out
    A lovely BeautySwot pamper pack is what its all about! :)

    (following on Twitter as @mlrw01 and liking on Facebook as Misha Wallace)

  19. I never spend anytime on myself due to suffering from depression. Since loosing some weight Ive been trying to be kinder to myself, a treat would make me feel better about myself.

    Following you on FB (Zoe Sargeant)

  20. I would love to win as I never find any 'me time'. I'm a mummy to two toddlers and have started a business from home. Everything is a juggle and I'm lucky to make time for a shower, lol! I don't cope well with stress and some gorgeous pampering would be brilliant. xx

  21. I'd love to win this and have the chance for a bit of me time! I am a SAHM to my beautiful 2 under 2. It's been a tough couple of years, I've suffered with PND and my little boy had 2 operations in his first 9 months, it's been stressful and I wouldn't change it for the world but a little time out for me would be fabulous :) xx

  22. What a fabulous prize! I've been reading everyone's comments and there are so many deserving stories, I don't stand a chance *sad face*
    I'm having one of those crappy years when it's been one thing after another and am now so run down that I've got the flu & sinusitis, so feeling a bit sorry for myself & my Darth Vadar voice!!
    Kirsten x

  23. Blimey, was going to leave a big long rattle about how working 7 days a week, 2 jobs, 2 kids, 2 dogs and one husband and thats not to mention up to 13 guests at anyone time, how I was so deserving. But having read some of the comments on this post I have gained a little perspective and frankly that is more what I needed, its a fab prize, I hope it goes to someone that really deserves it! (That said I think that person might be you; its going to be a tough decision)

  24. I'd love to win this, simply because I get no me time!! In fact you'd probably find my 3 year old is likely to be using the products with me - but in all honesty that would be great fun as everything is more enjoyable with him :-) x

    FB - mrslisataylor

  25. I don't know how you are going to choose a winner! lol

    I'd love to win this because as a full time student, full time mum, fellow blogger and chief diary organiser, I don't get much time to myself. However in all likelihood I would give this to my very best friends as they are such fantastic support to me - through some really tough times and through the best of times. The only difficulty would be who would get what!

  26. I've read all the comments here and everyone deserves to win in my opinion. But here's my tale to add.

    I spent 7 years in an abusive relationship with my cheating husband (now ex) I finally worked up the courage to leave him and all my friends dump me because they think he is the bees knees. So I lost all my friends as well as my marriage.

    It's taken nearly 3 years for my divorce to come through during which time I quit my old job, got a new job, moved house/country moved to an area where I knew no one.

    I also got myself a new guy (sure you've heard of Mr Red) but because of that I lost half my family. (long story but I havent spoken to my brother & sister in law for 2 years) and my grandparents are now making noises to stop communicating with me unless I get married (which I dont want to rush into... again)

    I'm under constant strain from my family to become religious/get married or risk loosing them all...(and I am very close to my family... or I was) I manage a optical lab within an opticians full time on my own, which means no sitting down all day.

    Then when I'm at home I do all the work there, cooking, cleaning, washing etcetc but just for the fun (not really) I live above a noisy pub who doesn't shut up till midnight every night, and I have a noisy neighbour who picks up the slack from there on in.

    So I never get any sleep, added to my ongoing manic depression means I'm a very tense person, stressed out person and I'm not even 30 yet.

    So yeah, I'd love some Me time and a bit of pampering...

    Am I deserving? I don't know, I've been knocked down a lot but I always get back up and keep going.

    Anyway that's my rather sorry story..

    Lots of love

    Ms Red (GFC)



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