Saturday 14 May 2011

Results Of The Beauty Bloggers Star Sign Survey

I conducted a mini survey to see if there was a particular trend to the Star signs of beauty bloggers..

Here are the results!

Out of 100 beauty bloggers who took the survey

The top Star Sign was LEO with 13 beauty bloggers being of that sign.

Followed by Libra with 11 beauty bloggers being of that sign

And the rest of the make-up...(no pun intended!)

Sagittarius 10
Pisces - 10
Cancer - 10
Gemini - 9
Aries - 9
Taurus - 6
Virgo - 6
Scorpio - 6
Capricorn - 5
Aquarius - 5

So there you have it - probably not scientific but definitely fun

As a Gemini I was thinking there would definitely be more of us but I am probably not surprised that Leo's feature strongly!

1 comment:

  1. I've got to admit I thought there were more of us geminis :)
    great fun post!! x


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