Sunday 8 May 2011

20 Years Later

You may remember the post a little while ago in which I mentioned that my dad had wanted to recreate one of his favourite photographs that he had taken of me.. you can read the original post here. A few people mentioned to me that they would like to see the original photograph and the photo that was taken recently.

I finally have the photos but sadly it looks like they were photos of photos... Clicking on them will enlarge.

Aged 13

20 years later standing in front of the same tree


  1. Ahh that is so funny- and what's more you look the same !! Really you do, not aged a day :)

  2. i agree with stina, not aged a day. what is the name of that tree? i never seen any tree like this before! xx

  3. You haven't changed at all lol

  4. fabulous you really haven't changed at all x

  5. Haha, Either I looked really old then or ... ;-)

  6. Omg that is awesome! 20 yrs time i'm waiting for an update x x x


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