Friday 20 May 2011

The Friday Column - Changing Bags At Dawn

Changing Bags at Dawn

Once Upon a Time... it was the playground  - who is wearing what, who has the most popular darling, who receives the most party invitations - but today's mums have started a new war and it is in cyberspace.

The modern mummy is running her online business, blogging, tweeting and facebooking everyone and anyone who will listen to her. These mums are not waiting until their little darling has gone to school - no it is starting when their tender baby is still in nappies, using their iphone or blackberry to catch up or update their followers during naptime or playdates.  Woe betide the mother who is 'just' a stay at home mum, stop procrastinating and get on and do something - look at what the other mums have achieved during rhyme time.
In every toddler group you will see at least one of these creatures - perfect hair and make-up, down to size 8 within 6 weeks of having baby, making it all look effortless, baby fast asleep whilst she is sipping her latte.

Behind the sunglasses she is busy sizing up the competition, who doesn't want to have the most twitter followers and comments on their blog. Have you seen the amount of mummy bloggers there are out there ? It is truly mind boggling and each one wants to convince you that they are the most witty, having the most interesting of a mundane life whilst also being overworked and frazzled, supplying endless photos of their days.

The need for swathes of adoring fans/followers and friends on facebook telling us how great we are has never been stronger. If they are lucky, the lightbulb moment may arrive when, inspired by watching Dragon's Den, they create this incredible (most probably) online business that takes off within weeks and before they know it they are on the cover of magazines and on radio shows telling everyone else how exactly how they did it.

Social Networking has never been so important. Phew.. talk about trying to have it all, come on ladies, shouldn't we just be putting our feet up and enjoying a slice of cake ?


  1. Love it. So very true. Sometimes it would be great just to sit down and appreciate what we do have for a while, not what we want x

  2. Fabulous post hun and so true, now where is that slice of cake :) xx Jude @jadlgw

  3. I really enjoyed this post! xx


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