Wednesday 25 May 2011

Lavera Eye Cooling Roll On - My summer saviour!

The Lavera Eye Cooling Roll On is an Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible winner. To celebrate, Lavera held a Facebook competition to win one of these roll ons and a copy of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible which I was lucky enough to win.

This little bottle contains 7ml of summer saviour for me - It is no secret I suffer from quite bad hayfever and my eyes were looking and feeling rather sorry for themselves. They were sore, dry, lined, dark and I had big bags. This arrived on my doorstep just in time.

The claims - 

Lavera Faces MY AGE Organic Cooling Eye Roll On refreshes the eye area, dimishing puffiness and dark circles. It contains powerful anti wrinkle ingredients, Organic White Tea and Karanja Oil. Co enzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera, cools, moisturises and firms the skin around the eye area.

All sounds wonderful, packed with goodies like Green Tea (which incidentally I love to drink!) and is suitable for contact lenses wearers.

I really feel that this has made a difference, it is really nice to use at the end of the day. The roll on smells lovely and fresh and when popped in the fridge is extra cooling. I have no bags or puffiness under my eyes at all. The dark circles have reduced considerably and the area feels hydrated and my eye area just generally looks much improved.

I quite simply enjoy using this product.

Lavera Cooling Eye Roll On costs £16.90 from

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  1. I sympathise with the hayfever, I don't have it but my da does and it really is rotten. I do like the idea of this, I like something cooling around my eyes at the end of the day although rarely remember to use LE Eyebright which has a permanent home in my fridge. Isn't EL doing something similar at the moment which is probably at least £20 more. Thanks for this. Jan x


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