Monday 23 May 2011

The Hunt For The Perfect Bag

I have been looking for the perfect black bag for some time now. I am the kind of person who doesn't shop often but I have a clear idea of what I am looking for and have in mind. If I cannot find it I will not settle for second best.

Criteria Check List -

Black - I haven't got a black bag so the need for this colour
Leather - I like the fact that a leather bag can improve with age and that they are wipeable
Medium size - I am only tiny so a big bag looks ridiculous on me but I need it to be big enough to carry all I need plus any bits for the toddler where necessary.
Strap - I need the strap to be long enough to crossover my body or wear on my shoulder and as I have narrow shoulders it needed to be a bag that wouldn't keep falling off.
Style - On-trend but classic so that it doesn't date too quickly.

After searching many stores and sites and trying lots of bags...The hunt is over...

Close up of the clasp


The Bunty Satchel from Nica matched my criteria perfectly. It costs £135 which I think is extremely reasonable for what you are getting.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this bag I just knew I had found the perfect bag and it had to be mine! You know that feeling when you know it's the one...that was it.

It has a twist lock fastening. Inside it has a zip pocket and a nice bright floral lining and even comes with a matching floral dustbag to protect it when not in use.

I rarely write about clothes/accessories but felt I really had to share this find!


  1. OMG that is gorgeous! I have serious bag envy now. Can I be so crass as to ask how much it cost? (just a rough idea!)

    SG x

  2. Oh man it's gorgeous! SO much nicer in yr pics than on website - & it was nice there too! X

  3. Such a gorgeous bag <3

    I spent so long trying to find the perfect bag...Mine was the Modalu Pippa Grab Bag, which I bought a few weeks ago. It's a lot harder than you think finding the perfect bag. Especially when you have a very clear idea of exactly what you want.

    Enjoy xxx

  4. Thanks Ladies :-)

    Alexa - I saw a Modalu that I was interested in around Christmas time - they are nice!

  5. That's a lovely bag, I'm really into satchels right now - so function but cool! And they leave your hands free for shopping :)

  6. Damn I was not perpared for a case of bag envy this bad today! Congratulations, you have achieved the fashion dream :)

  7. Can you come shopping with me please? I am rubbish at shopping, with age does definately not come experience in my case or even satchel! I am impressed with your dedication to the task it looks like a great bag. Jan x


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