Tuesday 14 September 2010

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Summer and my hay fever have disappeared and thus my water-proof mascara is now consigned to the bin, timely really as it has been 3 months. I was getting ready to start the search for a new (non water-proof mascara) when the postman knocked with my delivery of the Revlon A/W collection. I was pleased that it included this, their latest mascara. I felt that Grow Luscious was so impressive that it warranted its own post.

I have never used Revlon mascaras so I was keen to try it but didn't have any expectations....

My first thought was I am not keen on the bright shiny green packaging, I much prefer a more muted colour and then my second thought was - actually it will be really easy to find whilst rummaging in the make-up bag.

The wand is huge and bushy which was my next surprise.. much bigger than my small eyes so after application I had to clean up around my eyes as it got messy but I felt it was a small price to pay for the results - sexy, long lashes. I am using Blackest Black and I love it.

Here are the before and after pics

No lash inserts or enhancement in post production!

I think this is an excellent mascara and I would definitely repurchase. It says it will make your lashes appear longer and fuller which it certainly did. These pictures were taken hastily but I wore this at the weekend when I had longer to apply and people were asking what I was using. My mum could see my lashes from 3ft way!!

As a bonus this claims to be the first mascara to strengthen lashes with each use, I can't verify this after a few applications but it is worth trying.

What do you think?

Revlon Grow Luscious is usually £9.99 at Boots but they currently have £2 off making it even better value.
Also available at other Revlon stockists.


  1. oooh looks fab......its now on my list!!!!

  2. Oh wow that is a difference!! Once my mascara runs out I might think about buying this one!! It does look excellent! Thank you for the review!

    Kitty x

  3. Wow! That looks amazing.. Really like you've been using some sort of growth product on your lashes.
    I have (funnily enough) just purchased my first Revlon Mascara last week, and it's called Double click (no idea why, as it doesn't click..?)
    It gives me very black thick lashes..
    Maybe not so long, but definitely very dramatic and I like it.
    But now I want to try your one out..:)

  4. I bought this last week and I totally agree - its bloody gorgeous!

    I'm a bit of a mascara fanatic, its my desert island item that's for sure! And I am hard to impress when it comes to new ones, but this was lovely and I will definately buy again!

  5. Revlon here I come (well, on pay day!)

  6. I've got this one too. I wasn't that keen on it initially but it has grown on me.
    Boots are currently doing it for half price if anyone's interested...


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