Thursday 30 September 2010

Benefit Concealer Special

Following on from this week's other review Clinique Airbrush Concealer I thought I would look at some of Benefit's offerings of concealer products. As you can see there are quite a few!

I was going to review Lemon Aid (not pictured), a colour correcting eyelid primer - £16.50  but unfortunately I was unable to do this as it made my eyes water too much.

From left to right

Boi-ing - Industrial Strength Concealer - £16.50

A concealer, available in 3 shades, I am using number 02 medium.

I love this product and it goes everywhere with me and has even made my beauty essentials list.

It is in an attractive container with a clear lid, blends easily and conceals really well. I use it to hide my blemishes but it claims to conceal under eye shadows and discolourations - Fab product.

You're Bluffing - Redness Concealing Wand - £17.50

I have developed a bit of redness around my cheek area so I was keen to try this product to disguise it. Again attractively packaged and in a very usable and appealing rollerball style wand.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed, it didn't really do much for me to hide the redness which I don't think is that excessive. However,  I have better luck concealing the redness just by applying Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation.

Perhaps tellingly, this product appears to be discontinued as it is no longer listed on the benefit website, it is still available however at a few other stockists.

Stay Don't Stray - Stay Put Primer For Concealers and EyeShadows - £19.50

This liquid product comes in a pump action tube.

I really like this product, it provides an excellent base for eyeshadow and  really does make your eyeshadow last for hours on end as if you have just applied it.  Your under eye concealer will not budge also. You only need a tiny amount to go a long way.

My one gripe is that it is messy coming out of the container, it is really hard to just pump out the little bit you need,  so what happens is that it ends up around the entrance of the pump and too much in your hand. I cannot be the only one that has complained about this as there is a video made by benefit on YouTube on how to use it!!

And finally -

Erase Paste - Brightening Camouflage For Eyes And Face - £18.50

Comes in a little pot, in a dry creamy consistency. Available in 3 shades.

This is meant to brighten and camouflage in one step.

This is a lovely product, and it definitely does leave the eye area brighter and ever so slightly shimmery. I found it a bit hard to blend even after warming my hands up (as instructed) but after quite a few goes I have finally got the hang of it and now I think it a fab product for concealing under eye shadows/bags. I get a tiny bit, warm it on my hand and then dab gently.

All products (unless stated) available from and Benefit Counters and stockists.


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