Monday 20 September 2010

Olympia Beauty Show/Face Mapping at Dermalogica

This was my first visit to a beauty show and after a hard week I was happy to dispense with the toddler for the day and enjoy some grown up company (my beautiful little sister) and perhaps learn about some new brands...

It was busy, very busy. I didn't need to walk, I was carried by the crowds. Every coffee shop was heaving. Can you tell refreshments were at the top of my agenda?

I think the show, as it is a trade show, is aimed very much at the beauticians and therapists in the industry. Nails featured heavily, whether it was colour or technique. Equipment, treatments and tanning were well represented and make-up artists were catered for. So, plenty for the professional and perhaps less so for the beauty blogger but no matter it was an experience.

So what was there for me? I noticed that the newer brands that are launching are using buzz words such as natural and organic. Not a bad thing in my opinion. I definitely think that this is shaping the industry now. Consumers are seeking out natural products more and more.

Well, I politely declined offers of spray tans and the ladies with their huge brushes to give me the ultimate glow and found my way to the OPI stand where I picked up two nail polishes - Dulce Du Leche - a gorgeous neutral colour for winter for the bargain price of £5.50 and one of their Designer ranges - Glow - again at a bargain price of £8.50!

Glow - as worn by my sister

I left the Dermalogica stand till last and waited patiently in the queue for the free face mapping service.

Can you see me?

What is face mapping ?

The concept is that your heath is written all over your face and using Chinese Diagnosis - the belief that the skin provides an outside view of your body's internal health - A therapist maps your face with concerns like fine lines, milia, dehydration, redness/sensitivity etc

It is an analysis of the skin by scrutinising it inch by inch using both a magnifying lamp and sense of touch.   The face and neck having 14 different zones, for example Zone 7 is the nose - A reddened nose can indicate high blood pressure or early signs of Rosacea and so on. The therapist will look at each zone and then prescribe products to deal with your skin's outer problems...

Once this is done, they have a prescription sheet recommending what products you should use, again the idea being that you only use what your skin needs.

Now I have never had this done (they do recommend it as they promote themselves as a prescriptive brand) but I have used the odd Dermalogica product, in fact my favourite mask is the one from their youth range - Clean Start - Ready, Set, Scrub. I was interested therefore to see what happens during this process and what they made of my skin.

It was explained to me that usually they would spend 20 minutes or so in a Salon doing this but this was a 5 minute one special for the show. Obviously it wasn't as in depth.

Here is a picture of Becca doing the face mapping

I was told I had really good skin - I think it is generally good, the odd break out but nothing overly concerning. I look after my skin, cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. I use a scrub/exfoliator twice a week and drink plenty and (usually) eat quite well.  My hydration was good and the only major concern was my oily/shine t zone. Pretty much spot on I would say. Although if I was picky I would say that I am starting to be concerned about the fine lines around my eyes but have taken steps to rectify that.

I was prescribed the following to use

Daily Microfoliant
Special Cleansing Gel
Skin Smoothing Cream
Intensive Eye Repair

I will try these out and let you know how I get on with them in a later post.

Did you go to the show? What did you think?
Do you use any of these products, I would be interested to hear your views on them.


  1. It sounds like you had a good day, the test on the skin sounds great, i would love to have my skin tested, do you know where I could have it done? and how much it would be?

  2. Aurelia - Face mapping is free - you can have it done at a local salon that sells Dermalogica - you can check the Dermalogica website for your local salon/spa.

  3. Look forward to the review - I've been using Dermalogica now for about 10 years - have never had my face mapped, but did get the products recommended by a specialist. I perhaps ought to go for mapping as I'm sure my skin must have changed. Unfortunately it is one that gets nicked by the men - as it has nice plain non-feminine packaging my husband uses it too LOL There is a fab website authorised by Dermalogica that sells products a little cheaper with quick efficient service (they have an online beauty therapist to recommend products hence authorised ) let me know if you want the link


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