Sunday 12 September 2010

Revlon Autumn/Winter Collection 2010

Named the Suede Rhapsody Collection, this offering by Gucci Westman (Revlon's Global Artistic Director) is inspired by women in fashion in the 1920's Art Deco period and is available to purchase now.

There are 3 lipsticks in the collection - in order of swatch

Mink in Creme Super Lustrous Lipstick  - A nice rich chocolatey shade which I personally think suits redheads and brunettes with gorgeous rich toned hair and dark eyes.

Smoked Peach in Matte Super Lustrous Lipstick - A pretty muted peachy colour for an understated look.

Stormy Pink in Matte Super Lustrous Lipstick - A vibrant striking shade to stand out from the crowd

I found all the lipsticks to be quite heavy on the lips and a bit drying, I have only just restarted wearing lipsticks after a summer of glosses though....But all are gorgeous shades worthy of attention.

Shades available -

Emerald City Matte
Ruby Ribbon Matte

Now these looked absolutely gorgeous in the bottles, all sparkly and vibrant in tone and I must admit I was a little disappointed that they had to turn matte. Two coats gave excellent coverage and they were easy to apply. Although the flash has given them a sparkly appearance, they are definitely matte.  If you are fans of matte (huge as a trend this A/W) then I do think these rich shades will appeal. My favourite is the Emerald City.

Shade Silver Fox - ColourStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow

In order of swatch

A muted purple shade (my favourite for a smoky eye)
A shimmery white
A gorgeous delicate green
A silver, which comes out bluey on my arm for some reason but was a nice grey shade on my eyes

These shadows are long lasting and I will definitely be using them as they are so pretty.

Lipsticks - £7.29 each
Nail Enamels - £6.29 each
ColourStay Eye Shadow Quad £7.99

What do you think, will some of this collection find its way into your make-up bag this Autumn/Winter?


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