Tuesday 21 September 2010

Liz Earle Botanical Shine Shampoo and Conditioner

I love Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, readers of the blog will know it is my No1 beauty product. So I was delighted to be sent the latest products from Liz Earle - Shampoo and Conditioner - to review.

Those of you who already purchase from their website will know that when your order arrives it comes beautifully packaged and wrapped. It really is a pleasure to receive the items and this package was no different.

I was pleased as I knew that they would not contain parabens or SLS (sodium laurel/laureth sulphates) and although the jury is out as to whether they are harmful, I prefer, where possible, to err on the side of caution.
These were 6 years in the making and requested by thousands of Liz Earle customers.

Botanical Shine Shampoo 200ml - £7.50

Comes in a fresh blue, easy to use flip top bottle. Nice design.
With shea butter, vitamin E, apply and orange extracts and naturally derived cleansers. The shampoo claims to cleanse without stripping to leave hair soft, shiny and smooth.

Just like their cleanser, one product has been developed and deemed suitable for all. I have dry, coloured hair. I found the smell very fresh although I couldn't detect fruit when just smelling from the bottle, once on the hair it was nice. Somehow the fruit smell burst through, as if it had been unleashed but it was not overpowering. I really liked this product. I noticed immediately that my hair felt different, a lot smoother and clean when normally the texture is not pleasant and doesn't feel like it has been really washed. My hair lapped it up, like a thirsty puppy.

You can see the consistency of the shampoo and conditioner in the photo above, the thick white one is the conditioner.

Botanical Shine Conditioner for dry or damaged hair 200ml - £7.50

Same packaging as above except in white, handily different.

The claim - Specially formulated with shea butter and yangu oil, the ultra rich-rich colour safe conditioner leaves hair hydrated, under control, soft and smooth.

I loved this conditioner and could feel the difference immediately to my hair. It is quite thick but applies easily and washes off just as easily. It smelt gorgeous and when rinsing off, my hair was left feeling so silky, I knew straight-away it must have done something.

As I often leave my hair to try dry naturally and then scrunch with mousse, it gets very tangled and knotty and I can spend ages trying to brush it through after washing. After using these products, it was left pretty tangle free and easy to manage. I was suitably impressed by this as I have yet to find a good product to help this until now...

On the second use, I dried my hair with a hairdryer and then straightened it - it looked,smelt and felt amazing. Shiny and incredibly soft.  My sister said (without me even mentioning I was using anything different) that my hair hadn't looked that good in ages. Praise indeed!!

So in conclusion - More great products giving fab results. I love these products and will be adding them onto my Liz Earle order list.

The two other conditioners in the range are for normal hair and oily hair.

Products are available to purchase from http://uk.lizearle.com/ Travel versions also available - 50mls at £4.


  1. Ooh I'm pleased you love these as I have been itching to try them! What a fab price too?! I'm off to order mine right now!

  2. I really must remember to order this when payday comes around!!!


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