Sunday 25 March 2012

Origins Brighter By Nature SPF35 Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer - Review

I have been wanting to try Origins A Perfect World SPF25 moisturizer for a little while now seduced by the inclusion of the ingredient of white tea and the fact it contains a SPF, which is pretty much a prerequisite for me now. I love drinking white tea so am curious to try facial products that contain it too... I have asked a few times at Origins counters at a variety of stores and each time been told they have had no pots available to decant. On the last occasion, the counter assistant having listened to what I was looking for in a moisturiser suggested I try the new Origins Brighter By Nature SPF35 skin tone correcting moisturizer and gave me a rather generous 15 ml sample to take away with me.

Origins say - 

This clinically-proven protective moisturizer with skin-illuminating Japanese Basil Leaf, Cucumber, Peony and Vitamin C plus nature's brilliant new advance, Palmaria, helps to restore clarity and brightness to dull, uneven skin.
Formulated with SPF35 to prevent new spots from forming.
Best for dark spots & discoloration
Best for combination/dry skin

My thoughts -

My skin concerns are to prevent more lines and wrinkles forming as I age and also to prevent dark spots from  appearing, I already have one on my forehead so am conscious of the fact I do not want any more.

The moisturiser is lotion like in consistency, as it has a high SPF, it feels to me very much like a runny sun cream. It even has that 'summer holiday' scent, slightly citrusy. I personally find the scent quite pleasant. I have normal/combination skin but after using this over two weeks I found that I had patches of dryness, so it couldn't have been providing quite enough moisturisation for my skin. However, during one of these weeks I spent 3 days by the sea and wind in Brighton and the water (when cleansing) was much softer than what I am used to at home so whether that had a bearing on the results I am not entirely sure!

I liked the feel of my skin immediately after application, it felt nice and soft but the soft feeling didn't remain as the day went on.

Plus points

SPF35 - Good, high protection
I felt that the dark spot I had was getting lighter with use of this moisturiser.


This was my first ever use of an Origins product. Although the moisturiser was quite pleasant to apply, my skin wasn't exuding the brightness or a healthy glow that I was expecting. It didn't leave it looking nicely hydrated, in fact it showed signs of being quite dry and dehydrated. It is a shame as I wanted to rave about this product.

I still want to try A Perfect World SPF25 to see what it is like in comparison. 

Origins Brighter By Nature SPF35 costs £34 for a 50ml pot


  1. Shame....was really hoping this was going to do more that what it did :-(

    Love S.A.M xx

  2. Seeing that the moisturiser had such a high SPF factor, I was really hoping to read a raving review. I'm not sure the SPF factor alone is worth so much money. It's a shame. Thanks for the review!

  3. Ah real pity this didn't live up to your expectations!


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