Thursday 1 March 2012

GlossyBox February 2012 - The Fashion Week Edition

What's inside the February 2012 GlossyBox - 

Initial thoughts

I must admit this month's box left me less excited than some other months and that is even with the inclusion of make-up in the box but that is more of a personal preference as opposed to the products not being of use.

My thoughts

Paul Mitchell Express Style -  Round Trip - 25ml

This is a liquid curl definer that claims to also speed up drying. I will definitely be using this. I already use the Awapuhi range from Paul Mitchell which I love, so looking forward to trying this out. I have naturally wavy hair so on days when I went to give my hair a break from straightening this could come in handy.

Dr Bronner - Magic Liquid Soap 18-in-1 Hemp Rose

Dr Bronner is apparently a favourite of some Hollywood stars so has raised some interest from me but not quite enough for me to purchase so far. Now I love rose scented products so I am pleased that this particular Dr Bronner product was sent to me and I looking forward to trying this at some point, but as I currently have lots of cleansing products, this may not get a look in for a while. I am curious about the 18 uses for it though!

COMO SHAMBHALA - Invigorate Lotion - 50ml

This was a disappointment as I have already had this in a previous GlossyBox!

DuWop Venom Gloss - Buttercup - 5ml 

BeautySwot  readers will know that I love gloss and a nude gloss (which this is) is one of my beauty essentials. A swatch of Buttercup shows that this is gorgeous, packed with shimmer and would be lovely except for one thing...I have a real problem with lip tingling products, I seem to be more sensitive than most to it. As the name suggests 'Venom' is a tingling product so as yet I have not been brave enough to apply it to my lips.

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow - Noir 1g

I received black in this loose mineral eyeshadow and I don't really do black smoky eyes and so this has not been opened it. I believe that some boxes had a pinky/gold shade, far more of a wearable shade in my opinion but then again I am sure someone who received that may have preferred my shade...

GlossyBox had quite a few variants in the boxes this month and I do think that there was a discrepancy in the quality of the box as a result.

March's GlossyBox looks like it is going to be excellent as they have teamed up with Harrod's for a real luxury treat of a box. Looking forward to seeing what is in the boxes!

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  1. Don't put the DuWop on your lips! It's really unpleasant and I'm not usually sensitive. We had a great laugh at the 18in1 soap on Twitter the other day. So strange.


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