Wednesday 23 May 2018

Flash Fiction - About Last Night

This week's 100 word story based on the following picture prompt.

About Last Night 

I gently push open the door and tentatively enter. I need to see this for myself. The house, my sanctuary, has been turned upside down. Absolutely nothing has been left untouched. I feel sick as I make my way to the kitchen. The mouth-wateringly expensive, stunning crystal bowl, a precious wedding gift that takes pride of place on the dining table, is cracked. A strange sticky residue lines the edges. My favourite plant, mutilated, leaves carelessly tossed aside. Devastated at the damage, I take a deep, angry, breath before calling upstairs.

‘Chloe, what the hell happened in here last night?’

Bettina x 

*Many thanks to Rochelle for this week's prompt. If you would like to read more stories based on this picture - click here
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  1. Dear Bettina,

    The thought of the bowl with a crack in it leaves me feeling sick, too. Then you turned the story on its head with the last line. Well done.



  2. It's funny how many stories about domestic (or other) violence have been inspired by this simple image.

  3. Chloe is in big trouble - incidently my daughter is a Chloe - I may shout this exact line in years to come! :-)

  4. Well written, Bettina. You make the loss and damage feel personal. You create a sense of desecration about the damage, because the house is the narrator's sanctuary.

  5. One of your best, Bettina. Very well done.

  6. Someone has some explaining to do! Nice one Bettina

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  7. Kids! They have so little respect for parents' property sometimes. Well written.

  8. Very vivid story. Chloe has some explaining to do, I think, Jilly, Sugar on the Bee.

  9. I thought it was vandals...then found out it was Chloe. Yikes! Good job.


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