Wednesday 9 May 2018

Family Day Event With Yellow Zebra Safaris

A couple of weeks ago the whole family were invited to a fun event being held by Yellow Zebra Safaris, the luxury travel company. I couldn't let the opportunity pass as my eldest son (about to turn 10) absolutely LOVES animals and I knew he would enjoy the day.

As soon as we entered the brightly decorated hall we knew it was going to be an action packed day and it didn't disappoint.

The children got up close to the animals that Safari Pete had brought along - Gumbo the toad, Juliet the owl, Drake the snake. Two meerkats, a crocodile, a lizard, a tarantula and a scorpion!!

Pete is passionate about his animals and dazzled everyone with amazing facts and information about them too. There was even time to watch some of them being fed! Safari Pete was fun and wonderfully animated - judging by the excitement levels, a good time was had by all.

The highlight was holding a Meerkat - my son still talks about that experience :)

We then enjoyed a delicious lunch platter while the children enjoyed an equally tasty buffet.

After lunch the children got to choose a Safari animal to paint courtesy of the Ceramic Circle.

For my just turned 2 year old this was the first time he had ever painted - which was super exciting. For my 10 year old, well he absolutely loves art and really enjoyed coming away with a gorgeous painted Elephant that has taken pride of place in his bedroom.

Yellow Zebra Safaris is an award-winning luxury and adventure safari company specialising in 'Safari Africa.' All their safari consultants are professional safari guides, camp managers, and/or people who were born and raised in Africa.

After our little taster of getting close to the 'tame-ish!' animals I know my boy was keen to investigate safaris further... and so we took a look at the website to learn a little more. I must admit I didn't really realise that safaris can be for all ages... but Yellow Zebras Safaris cater for families with an opportunity to get close to nature in their natural habitat. For young children - the under fives -  they recommend South Africa - a malaria free zone.

For families with children between the ages of 5 and 10, they would recommend a safari holiday to either South Africa or Kenya. South Africa's parks (both non-malarial, and also malarial areas such as the Kruger) are well set up for children, with a number of lodges offering excellent children's programmes that occupy the middle of the day during safaris. Kenya is also an extremely good destination for family safari holidays. The Masai Mara offers superb big-game viewing, while the Laikipia and Lewa area offers a large range of activities, and also interaction with local cultures.

Once the children are older, more destinations are open to them and there is lots of advice and recommendations for even more adventurous family holidays on the website to places such as Tanzania and Zanzibar.

To find out more about Yellow Zebra Safaris click here -  family safari holidays


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