Monday 21 December 2015

A Christmas Story - The Robin Redbreast

The Robin Redbreast

Jane had met Christian in her local coffee shop a couple of months ago, a rather friendly chap with a warm smile and a smooth and soothing rich tone to his voice that had made her turn around and notice him. They had struck up a friendship over a period of a month or so of regularly meeting for coffee, although they both liked to pretend that on each occasion it was by accident rather than by design. They had laughed and chatted the time away whilst sipping on their drinks and their rapport had not gone unnoticed by the owner of the shop who often witnessed budding romances struck up on the cosy premises.

One day, as they said goodbye, Christian had handed her a piece of paper on which he had written his mobile number and the accompanying words -

'I think you are a beautiful woman and I would like to get to know you better. A date away from the Coffee Shop? Call me! x'

Jane read the note and fell silent. Although she had delighted in their little meetings and looked forward to bumping into Christian it was quite something else to take this further. Since Michael had died she had not so much as considered being with someone else. Michael was forever at the forefront of her mind and now she felt guilty that she appeared to be having fun and enjoying the attention of another man.

She put the note in her coat pocket and contemplated what to do next. There was lots to consider, not least the feelings of Alfie, her son. As she left the coffee shop to collect him from school she didn't notice the piece of paper fall out of her pocket and into the gutter.

Later that evening she went to retrieve the note from her coat, frantically checking both pockets she was disappointed to find that she had lost it. Never mind, come Monday she would see Christian and explain to him why she hadn't called. She had thought long and hard and decided that the time was right to throw caution to the wind and finally start dating again.

Monday came and Christian wasn't there, sat in his usual spot. She asked the owner of the coffee shop if he had been in and she shook her head, no she hadn't seen him she replied. Day after day she visited the coffee shop wishing and hoping he would turn up but each day that he wasn't there she left crestfallen and annoyed with herself that she had lost his number and now he was gone.

He was probably embarrassed she told herself, he had taken a risk in asking for more and now he felt rejected. She didn't blame him but wished she had just been given a chance to explain. After a couple of weeks she stopped going to the coffee shop and had given up any hope of bumping into Christian again. Perhaps it was a sign that she wasn't ready for a new relationship after all ... Putting thoughts of Christian to the back of her mind she concentrated on giving Alfie the best Christmas ever.


Alfie looked out into the garden as the first snowflakes began to fall 'Mum, mum, it's snowing!'

Jane looked out of the kitchen window and saw the flakes were settling as they fell. 'So it is Alfie, dinner's ready can you come down and sit at the table please?' Just then she noticed a Robin Redbreast perched on the windowsill looking in, feeling comforted she knew this was Michael wishing her and Alfie a great Christmas. He had come every year on this day without fail.She smiled to herself. Her beloved Michael often visited throughout the year when she was busy in the garden but Christmas Eve was their special day.

Alfie was beside himself with joy, a snowy Christmas was all he had ever dreamed of. Santa coming with his presents, thick snow on the ground. It was going to a be a great Christmas. He bound down the stairs at full speed, almost bumping into Jane.

'Careful Alfie!'

'Sorry mum! Oh look AND a Robin Redbreast at the window. This Christmas is going to be so magical I just know it' he spoke excitedly.

Jane beamed at Alfie, it was indeed. She had saved up hard and managed to buy everything he had asked for, it would be worth it just to see the look on his face on Christmas morning. She had bought lots of his festive favourites too and she had planned that they would sit and watch films all day whilst indulging on the food and snuggling up together.

It was the fourth Christmas when it would just be the two of them without Michael to carve the Turkey like he had always liked to do. Their traditional Christmas Eve meal was macaroni cheese, Alfie loved it and was guaranteed to polish it off. They watched The Snowman which was Alfie's all time best film he declared.

The snow was falling thick and fast now and she was relieved they had no need to venture out.

That night she put Alfie to bed, they read 'The Night Before Christmas' and he soon drifted off to sleep. She kissed his cheek and stroked his hair. He looked so angelic lying there and wonderfully peaceful.

Pouring herself a glass of red wine, she demolished a mince pie and marvelled at how everything had come together this year, next year would be even better she could just sense it.

Christmas morning soon arrived and she was awoken to the sound of wrapping paper being ripped open in the bedroom next to hers, Alfie squealed in delight.

'Mummy! Look what Santa brought me!!' He was almost breathless with happiness. Seeing him so happy brought tears to her eyes and a warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. This was what Christmas was all about.

Pulling back the curtains he checked to see if the snow was still there. It was! He ran down the stairs still in his pyjamas and dressing gown, burst through the patio doors into the garden and rolled around in the pretty, soft white snow. Standing up he tossed it in the air and shouted at the top of voice 'I LOVE CHRISTMAS!'

Jane was a little alarmed, she didn't want him to catch a cold but at the same time didn't want to dampen his spirit.

Just then the Robin Redbreast landed on the kitchen windowsill, its usual spot, something was protruding from his beak. Aware of this fluttering Jane looked over in the direction of the noise and noticed a piece of paper beside the bird which it had now dropped. She carefully approached the Robin, but the Robin seemed unperturbed. Gently she picked the note up to see what it was, her heart missed a beat and then started to pound. It was Christian's note, the one she had lost month's ago. How could this possibly be?

She looked at the Robin Redbreast... whispering 'Michael, it is you isn't it?'  She could have sworn he winked back at her.

Merry Christmas!

Bettina x

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  1. A lovely read in the run up to Christmas x

  2. Oh, this made me smile! You really drew me into the story and I was willing her to find a way to find Christian. Lovely x #Prose4T
    Sara | mumturnedmom

  3. What an uplifting story - just read this with a brew...wish I'd stumbled upon it during the festive season. Good luck with the book.

  4. That is such a beautiful story. I look at Robins in exactly the same way as you. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought. Hope to see you again x

  5. Oh what a lovely story. As soon as the robin had something in his beak, I held my breath and had a lovely warm glow :) #prose4t

  6. Wow, this wonderful story brought a tear to my eye. It was heart warming without being soppy and gives hope which people need at this time of the year that things can and will get better. I too have a Robin or two that visit and I always say hello to them, “when a Robin appears, lost loved ones are near” Brilliant story thank you so much for allowing me to read and review them. Keep writing x


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