Tuesday 8 December 2015

Hotel Chocolat Christmas Gifts and Chocolates This Christmas

The gift of chocolate is ideal for Christmas for the chocolate lover and I can't think of a better box selection than this one from Hotel Chocolat - The Everything Collection 

The Everything Collection box 


Billionaire's Shortbread x 6  - My absolute favourite - featuring caramel, smooth hazelnut and crunchy cookies, sublime.

Little Cheesecakes x 4 - caramel, lemon and strawberry with mascarpone cheese - yum!

A bag of 40% Milk Puddles - lovely circles of creamy milk chocolate (my 7yr son loved these)

A bag of Salted Caramel Puddles - These are delicious and a teeny bit crunchy from the salt.

The Brownie x 6 - Rich chocolate brownies, I love rich chocolate and these went down a treat.

And 3 super cute slabs of Milk Cocoa Cookies, Salted Caramel and 70% Dark Fruit & Nut.

This box really does contain something for everyone... or in my case I enjoyed the lot :)

Hotel Chocolat The Everything Collection box costs £25 

Hotel Chocolat also do some fabulous seasonal chocolate and I was sent two of their Christmas stocking filler packs.

Mulled Wine Selector x 6 £3.75 - These are proper grown up chocolates with a boozy punch of spiced Port.

Nutmeg Almond Praline Selector x 6 £3.75 - Gorgeously smooth and creamy praline balanced with real warming spiced nutmeg in 50% milk. I love the snowflake pattern.

*PR Samples 


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