Monday 4 January 2016

Pregnancy - What Is The Second Trimester Like?

I had a phenomenal response to my post on Pregnancy - The First Trimester  that I thought I would continue the series with updates on the second and third trimesters.

What follows below is my experience.

The Second Trimester - Weeks 12 - 27

Weeks - 12 -15 - Still being sick, still no energy.

Week 13 - I am sure I can feel baby whooshes across my stomach.

Weeks 16 and ongoing - feeling sick but not being sick! - hurrah!! - Heartburn.... gaviscon is my friend.... very good friend.

Week 17 - I had a midwife appt and got to hear the baby's heartbeat :)

Had a funny turn - flashing coloured zigzags in my eyes, tingling down my left side of my face and arm/hands. then a really bad headache ....

got checked out at the dr's who recommended a hospital visit for an ECG and following that an MRI brain scan to rule out anything more sinister.

I also got to see my hospital notes and I DID have HG in my first pregnancy too - I already felt I knew but it was interesting to see it confirmed and actually written down in black and white.

Week 18 - The odd headache, difficulty sleeping & restless legs

Week 19 - Finally the nausea has gone and no sickness. Feeling proper big kicks now! Love this feeling.

Week 20 - The Anomaly Scan - Baby was being very naughty and lying in the wrong position for the sonographer to take all the measurements that were needed. It took us 2 hours, sugary food, lots of walking and 4 attempts inside the scan room but we got there in the end!

Weeks 21- 27 - Symptoms - 

Tiredness (particularly as I can't seem to sleep much at night)

Restless legs

Pain in my lower regions (I have a feeling this is SPD ) although it is not so severe yet and comes and goes.


Pain when the baby wedges itself in particular positions, particularly near the hips..

Baby loves to kick my bladder!

I have started to gag when brushing my teeth again...

Heartburn which is worse in the god the burning drives me to distraction

Lower leg cramps

On the plus side - 

Lots of lovely kicks and shoves from within by the baby that my husband and seven year old son have felt.

A baby bump!

Buying baby bits which makes it all too real :)

Part three to follow.....

Bettina x


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