Tuesday 16 June 2015

Mobile Photography Masterclass with Three UK

I had the pleasure of attending a brilliant and informative masterclass in mobile photography using the iPhone 6 with Three UK last Saturday afternoon.  I couldn't resist taking part as I am on the verge of upgrading my phone and also contemplating buying a separate camera for blog photos use.. would this help me make up my mind?

The class started off with some great photography tips given by Photographer Jodie Humphries (you can follow her on twitter @PhotoJodie) she also told us of a couple of apps to use to make your photos even better!

We were then let loose on some props and taking the knowledge we had learnt from the class, took photos inside and played with the apps. Once we had a good feel of the phone & apps we were let loose on London!

As the offices were in an excellent location we had Theatreland, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square on our doorstep. The weather was kind too, the complete grey cloud coverage eased to allow the hot sun to shine through.

Once we had plenty of shots we returned back to the office for some delightful and utterly delicious afternoon tea, chatter and editing of our pics.

Top photography tips for standout blog and Instagram shots -

 1. Clean the lens (you will be surprised at how many people don't do this).

 2. Don't rely on the zoom function, get as close as physically possible to your subject.

3. Look for natural light when creating your shot, if necessary move your subject.

4. Be ready for that shot, use the shortcut button on the phone and use burst mode to capture many shots, edit later.

5. Get familiar with your camera and practice tweaking - exposure, contrast and sharpening your images.

6. Be bold with your crop - I like this tip, you don't always have to feature everything in your final image or indeed have the subject centred. Far more effective to focus on the exciting bit!

7. Remember what caught your eye, was it the vibrancy? Edit to bring out those colours or textures.


Use white card, curved as a background for objects (check out my pineapple shot - That was taken indoors with a white background and a light shining on it) and look for as much light as possible, it can be natural or artificial. Experiment to see what gives the best effect

Apps to add to your phone - 

Snapseed - 

Drama filter - adds erm.. drama

Tune Image - boosts colour

Use the sharpen, tone & contrast tools.

Pic Tap Go

Lights On - this is brilliant for brightening and whitening a shot.

There are many other filter options too

The results of the day are below - hope you enjoy!

My stand out pics from the day are the close up shots and the dramatic scene in Trafalgar Square but you know I am really happy about what I learnt on the day and already think my shots have improved immensely... I just hope Jodie agrees ;-)

A photo posted by Bettina@beautyswot (@beautyswot) on

A photo posted by Bettina@beautyswot (@beautyswot) on

A photo posted by Bettina@beautyswot (@beautyswot) on

A photo posted by Bettina@beautyswot (@beautyswot) on

A photo posted by Bettina@beautyswot (@beautyswot) on

A photo posted by Bettina@beautyswot (@beautyswot) on

A photo posted by Bettina@beautyswot (@beautyswot) on

And finally a pure, unadulterated photo taken by the iPhone 6 - I absolutely love the brightness of this pic

So there you have it, the results of my mobile photography masterclass with all the shots taken by the brilliant iPhone6. I am totally sold on this phone and this will be my next upgrade without a shadow of a doubt. It is light, slim and sleek, even though it is bigger than what I am currently using I didn't find it cumbersome or indeed notice the size difference. Just that I got a better idea from the large screen of what my photo was going to look like.

If you are interested in the iPhone6 visit the Three Mobile site to find out more - http://www.three.co.uk/iPhone and remember that you can use your phone on Three with no extra roaming charges when holidaying abroad.. sounds good to me! #HolidaySpam


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