Monday 13 January 2014

Twinings Butter Mint Sensation and Camomile & Maple Sensation Herbal Teas - Review

I am always up for trying new teas and the amount of different teas I have tried is quite startling, given  my penchant for tea I always surprise people when I say that I only started drinking tea aged 25!

These prettily designed boxes from Twinings initially caught my eye in the busy tea aisle and then when I read the descriptions on the box they soon found their way into my shopping basket.

Note: Tea bags are individually wrapped for extra freshness.

Twinings Butter Mint Sensation * - Peppermint leaf & creamy vanilla flavour

The box smells exactly like Murray Mints so I was just a little bit excited about trying Butter Mint Sensation. It has to be noted I tried and really couldn't get into drinking pure Peppermint tea. Not a fan of its taste, it just tasted horrid to my palette and my stomach couldn't well.. stomach it.

Butter Mint Sensation is SO much nicer, if you think you are going to be drinking the liquid version of Murray Mints sadly you will be disappointed. However, it is a milder version of Peppermint tea with a delicious creamier and smoother aspect to it. For me, far more palatable and a real pleasure to drink after dinner as an alternative to a caffeine milky straight up tea. I would purchase this again.

Twinings Camomile & Maple Sensation - Camomile Flower with maple and Madagascan Vanilla *

Once again I have tried pure Camomile tea and didn't see what the fuss was about, I found it tasted how I would imagine dishwater would taste, bland and altogether yucky.

I actually bought this because I was enjoying hot chocolate as a bedtime drink a little too much and felt that was the ideal compromise, Camomile is calming and I felt this version would be worth a try as a bedtime alternative.

Thankfully it tastes wonderful, it is gentle and delicately sweet with the maple tones just poking through. It is perfect and calming before bed ensuring a good night's sleep. I would definitely purchase this again.

Finally some non caffeine, herbal teas I enjoy drinking! :)

Have you tried any of the Twinings Sensation ranges?

** Please note these have been renamed Intensely Buttermint and Intensely Camomile & Maple


  1. I am a Tea Addict & always look for recommendations for new ones to try. I am not too keen on Mint but the Camomile & Maple Sensation sounds so nice. I will be looking out for these next time I'm shopping

  2. These sound amazing, will have to try them after your recommendations xxx

  3. These sound fab, i'm going to have to try them!

  4. Thanks so much for this tea review - Twinings here :-) Happy Tea Drinking x

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) x

  5. Hi.Coincidentally, I am currently drinking Twinings Cranberry & Raspberry and it's very nice. Naturally caffeine free. The packaging looks lovely in your photo! Also, ladies, remember to drink water - DC

  6. yes !!! they are very tasty ...i drink nettle /fennel /peppermint/ginger lemon tea in twinings brand


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