Friday 3 January 2014

Rituals T'ai Chi White Lotus & Green Tea Shower Foam

Rituals T'ai Chi White Lotus & Green Tea Foaming Shower Gel is a gel to foam body wash. Just a little spray of the pump starts a chain of humongous foam, so do it carefully! It has a gorgeous fresh scent and leaves skin feeling silky soft without drying it out. Soft and gentle, I love this body wash for its delicious green tea scent. Just reading the ingredients makes me feel healthy. A great way to start 2014 :)

Rituals T'a Chi Shower Form costs £8.50 for 250ml


  1. They do this range in a body,room & linen spray. I took it with me to hospital when i gave birth. Its so calming....although now I do associate the smell with hospitals now!! ;-p

  2. I've got to say, I just wasn't a fan of this scent... I loved the feel of it and the texture though so may try a different scent :)



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