Monday 2 September 2013

Noble Isle Whisky & Water Fine Fragrance Diffuser

I am not a fan of air fresheners, I have a real issue with having a sensitive nose, I blame this entirely on suffering from hay fever for many, many years. As a result a lot of scents really get up my nose and either irritate it or make me I do love the idea of and have had a few fragrance diffusers as they are a lot kinder on my nose and come in a large choice of aromas and ingredients that are a bit different, making rooms inviting and more appealing.

Noble Isle Whisky & Water Fine Fragrance Diffuser is in a league of its own. It is described as having a rich fragrance redolent of the finest, oak-aged single malt, with warm vanilla and cedarwood. Noble Isle reed diffusers are made with natural reeds and their signature fine fragrance blends to continually radiate evocative aroma.

The Whisky & Water Fine Fragrance Diffuser comes in a smart brown gift presentation box and the frosted glass bottle is reassuringly sturdy. It comes with six reeds that are placed in the scent and then once you find the scent fading you turn them upside down to release more of the fragrance. This gentlemanly scent wouldn't be out of place in a home office or bachelor pad, thus making a great gift for a dad or brother (or similar). However, I find the whisky scent to be thoroughly appealing and comforting and I love walking near it to ingest a big waft of whisky. I have had it in my living room for over two months now and the diffuser is happily still going strong and this malt blend is acceptable to my husband in a way that something a bit more floral and feminine would be complained about. Although I have had it over the Summer, I think its warming aroma and properties would be even better over the cool winter months.

Reminiscent to a pub this is not, this is a rather fabulous alcoholic scent that has to be smelt to be appreciated. A sophisticated reed diffuser for the discerning.

Noble Isle's Whisky & Water Fine Fragrance Diffuser 100ml costs £39

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  1. i love things like this instead of air fresheners, as air fresheners always make me sneeze haha! Xx


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