Thursday 5 September 2013

Limited Edition Impulse and Models Own Kits & A Blogger Challenge

It has been a long time since I last used a body spray and of course it had to be Impulse. I had a few of their fragrances over my teenage years., one of my favourites was the golden/bronze bottle of Musk. I am sure we all remember the changing rooms and how they would be filled with the essence of Impulse..

Well when information came through about some Limited Edition Impulse kits containing Models Own polishes to wear with it and a nail file all for a bargainous £4, I had to find out more and revisit my younger days!

First of all, the fragrances and the packaging have undergone a transformation, the sprays now have a twist top instead of a lid and the designs are appealing and attractive. The fragrances are bang up to date and smell gorgeous.

Impulse & Models Own Very Very Pink nail varnish, file and fragrance kit

Very, Very Pink features a deep blend of bitter orange and white wood, resulting in a musky citrus scent this spray comes with Models Own dusky pink shade Utopia. 

Impulse & Models Own Very Pink nail varnish, file and fragrance kit

Very Pink features a sparkling blend of pink grapefruit, roses and a base of vanilla, I was not at all surprised to find this was my favourite, delicious. This pack includes Models Own shade Gun Grey for a statement nail.

Impulse & Models Own Sweet Smile nail varnish, file and fragrance kit

Sweet Smile is an exotic, fun and fruity scent featuring pear and Jasmine, with undertones of sandalwood and amber. This had to be paired with Models Own shade Coral Reef!

The Blogger Challenge

Impulse challenged bloggers to personalise our own bottle of Impulse and create some nail art inspired by the Impulse Collection.

Here is the nail art I designed. I wanted the nail art to reflect my personality, I am not into fuss and intricacy. I want to look good but like to keep things practical :-) 

With Coral Reef/Sweet Smile I chose to add gold and bronze diamontes. I think these shades are complimentary to the coral and look amazing as it reflects in the exotic reflection of the Sun. Bring on the carnival!

With Gun Grey/Very Pink I added a couple of coats of Models Own Sea Spray (from the Blue Spray Artstix Duo) A very simple effect but so impressive. A real statement for nails that sparkles giving a nod to the sparkly nature of the fragrance Spray. The silver strands and chunks look incredible against the dark polish, so hard to capture its beauty in a picture.

With Very, Very Pink I added a single large pink diamonte flower, this scent oozes femininity and softness and I wanted the nail art to reflect this. I picture a girl with long, wavy hair left to dry naturally and flowy clothing. Effortless style.

My Personally Designed Impulse Bottle 

As I said before I like things to be kept simple. I hate overly fussy designs, clean chic and classy is what I look for, so I am hoping that with this in mind my design reflects this.

I love lace and I absolutely adore diamonds so I went with a black lace bow and adorned the bottle with diamontes flowers in a simple design through the centre with golden drops on the sides.

*PR Samples


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