Wednesday 31 July 2013

Twinings Jasmine Green Tea and Peach & Cherry Blossom Green Tea

Pop 'Green Tea' into the google search box and you will see all of the health benefits associated with it.

The benefits of drinking green tea

Speeds up metabolism and burns fat aiding weight loss
Lowers cholesterol levels
Can help lower blood pressure
Can help prevent bad breath 

and a whole lot more are attributed to it.

Well I tried plain old green tea and I was unmoved and unimpressed. It didn't taste particularly nice so still wanting to drink it due to the health benefits, I persevered in drinking it but not altogether enjoying it ..until I noticed that there were other options available. I first purchased a selection pack from Twinings and my favourite from it was the Orange and Lotus Blossom, just gorgeous.

I have always liked drinking Jasmine Tea when dining in Chinese restaurants so I knew I would like Jasmine Green Tea - Twinings one is delicately flavoured with Jasmine, it has a light perfume scent and is perfect for drinking after dinner. More recently I have been really liking Peach & Cherry Blossom Green Tea. In 3 minutes you have a beautiful fragrance and it tastes just as good as it smells (unlike fruit teas which smell amazing but usually disappoint). A nice peach with a hint of cherry. Really nice and ideal to drink at anytime of the day.

Twinings Jasmine Green Tea box of 20 bags costs £1.39 
Twinings Peach & Cherry Blossom Green Tea 20 bags costs £1.39


  1. Love green tea, has been a great alternative when I've been pregnant as it hasn't aggravated any sickness and has low caffeine.


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