Friday 22 February 2013

The Friday Column - A Little Poem

As I went to sleep last night, the idea for this poem came into my was stopping me from sleeping so instead of trying to ignore it and force myself to sleep I let my mind wander and came up with the following -

Wondering if you will ever tell her
Of how we met and how I know
Trapped in enforced silence
Banging frantically on the window

I see you turn and stare at me
Both of you happy entwined as one
The sneaky glance a different story
When I had the chance I should have run

What to do, I need to think fast
Whispers or notes which would be best
She is in danger,the love affair not what it seems
A man not to be trusted, a passing guest.

What do you think? Would love your feedback

An original work of fiction - all rights reserved


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