Friday 1 February 2013

Nutritious Delicious Truffles - A Chocolate Treat

A chocolate treat that is good for you.. it cannot be true, surely! Well Nutritious Delicious are trying with these rather fabulous truffles..with O.M.G ingredients - Omegas, Magnesium and Ginseng.

I was sent the Lime flavour and 2 truffles was just perfect as a little something to accompany my cup of tea and satisfy a sweet craving. A hint of lime with a powerful dark chocolate hit, tasty to the extreme. Truffle-tastic!

Ingredient information (taken from the website)

Sunflower seeds(3.82%), almonds(3.82%), ginseng(1.15%), coconut oil (9.40%) carob powder(2.29%), cacao powder(2.29%), agave syrup(4.13%), natural essential oils, maca(1.15%), lucuma(2.29%), soya lecithin(0.84%), 74% organic dark chocolate

Allergen Warning ; Contains nuts and soya and made in a factory where dairy is used. Suitable for vegans, GM and gluten free.

Vegan, GM and gluten free, dairy free, colouring and preservative free.

Also available - Vanilla, Orange and Almond flavours.

Nutritious Delicious Truffles cost £5.99 for 130g  - For more details visit


  1. Oh my goodness these sound too good to be true! Are they really tasty? I suffer terribly from sweet cravings after any meal and my waistline suffers even more! :)

    1. I think so, but I love dark, slightly bitter chocolate x


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