Friday 22 February 2013

Les Senteurs Gourmandes - 'Childhood Memories' Collection

Today I bring you another fragrance collection with *Gourmand notes that caught my attention, I love the story behind the concept. Inspiration for a Mother's Day gift?

Les Senteurs Gourmandes reawakens happy memories passed between mother and daughter in its ‘Childhood Memories’ collection. Three enchanting perfumes use the power of Gourmand notes to capture the fresh smell of clean linen, the tantalizing taste of violet sweets and the comforting warmth of freshly baked cakes.

Musc Blanc 

Pure and light, the sweet smell of white sheets drying in a sunny garden overflowing with white flowers combines with the delicacy of clean skin with powdery accents.

Notes: Ambrette, Lily Of The Valley, White Musk.

Vanille Violette 

The emblematic little Violet flower of Toulouse crystallised in sugar. Sweet, fresh and flowery notes reawaken the memory of an elegant perfume you once knew so well.

Notes: Rose, Violet, Vanilla.

Tendre Madeleine

The delicious aroma of freshly baked sponge cake blended with Orange Zest, a hint of Bitter Almond and Cinnamon. A comforting and warming perfume made sweeter by the heat of the oven.

Notes: Cinnamon, Bitter Almond, Precious Wook.
Eau de Parfum RRP £22.50 (100ml) Available exclusively at Marks & Spencer (new beauty halls) and

*Gourmand = basing a fragrance on edible notes


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