Wednesday 31 October 2012

LCN 'Baked Apple' Collection - Hand Cream and Lip Gloss

Ooh these 'Baked Apple' goodies from LCN are a real delicious treat, not only do they smell utterly delectable and good enough to eat, their main ingredient is Cell Active Hydro which is based on an algae lupins protein mixture and an apple pectin extract which will provide intensive moisture and offer long lasting protection from dehydration and skin ageing.

Baked Apple Hand Cream

This hand cream has a gorgeous apple and cinnamon scent that is perfect for the winter months. I love the bright red foil packaging as it is easy to find in my handbag and reminds me of Christmas. The cream goes on quite greasy, a little goes a long way but it soon absorbs to leave long lasting silky soft skin.  As well as the above ingredients it also contains Almond and Soy Oil.

Baked Apple Lip Gloss

First off, I absolutely adore this apple shaped and scented gloss which looks just so cute sat atop my mirrored jewellery box. When this arrived I thought that it was a solid gloss so unwittingly dipped my finger in only to find a really gloopy red apple coloured gloss. Once I was aware it wasn't of a more solid texture I knew to be far more careful and only pick up a tiny amount to apply to lips. A very pretty red gloss that on the lips doesn't feel sticky at all and imparts a wonderful shine.

LCN Baked Apple Hand Cream costs £7.55 for 50ml
LCN Baked Apple Lip Gloss costs £6.80 

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  1. I think I would be tempted to buy these based purely on the 'Baked Apple' name, before I even got as far as finding out what they do - they just sound so delicious and there is no nicer smell for the winter months and of course, the festive season! Will definitely keep my eyes out for these.
    Mel x

  2. These look great, loving the lip glosses packaging, it's so cute! :) Which product did you prefer most, the lip gloss of the cream? :)

  3. These sound just lovely. I have never heard of the brand before. The apple shaped lipgloss is just beyond cute


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