Thursday 20 September 2012

Vibrant shades with Clairol eXtreme'n easy

Way back in April I was lucky to be at the launch event of the new vibrant hair shades range eXtreme'n easy.  As I have highlights in my hair I must admit that I get this done at the salon that I have gone to for many years now. However, when I did do home colouring I was using the nice'n easy range, a lovely caramel shade.

Home colouring has come on hugely since then, especially with people wishing to copy their favourite celebs (women with bold colours like Rihanna or Katy Perry) ever changing shades at home and achieve the same deep and shiny colours

I was really impressed with the results of this vibrant range (there were dummy heads wearing the different shades all around the room and we were treated to a step by step how to video of a model who went from bleached blonde hair to a gorgeous, vibrant and incredibly shiny red colour with eXtreme'n easy).

Rich, vibrant and multi-tonal this cream formula home colourant only becomes active on contact with the hair (as opposed to when the product is mixed) so that you obtain a stronger more striking colour that lasts (up to 8 weeks). In the box you will also find Colour Seal Conditioning Gloss to help seal in beautiful colour and intense shine.

There are 7 shades in the range -

Deep Violet 3RV
Ruby Red 5RR
Cherry Red 6RR
Expresso Brown 4WN
Vivid Viloet 5RV
Flame Red 7RR 
Arctic Blonde 01 (new!)

Clairol eXtreme'n easy costs £5.99 

N.B. It is essential to do a patch/allergy test 48 hours before you colour your hair. This applies every time you do it.


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