Friday 28 September 2012

Product Disappointment - Dr. Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum Review

My eyes are one of my major skincare issues - I am more pre-disposed to having dark circles due to genetics and years of rubbing my eyes due to Hay Fever has sadly taken its toll and created more wrinkles around the eye area than I care to admit.

This means that a good eye cream is a must for me and I enjoy trying out products and seeing what works and what doesn't.

I purchased Dr. Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum quite a while ago having read about it in a magazine and it seemed ideal for my requirements.


Instant lift and tone effect! A lightweight, ultra moisturising eye serum boosted with a unique peptide complex to instantly firm, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and moisturise the delicate under eye area. Also designed to help reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Clinically proven multi-peptide complex to instantly reinforce firmness and skin tone of the eye area
Pomegranate and Raspberry to help protect against damaging free radicals
Ferulic Acid to offer ultimate protection against UV damage
Vitamins A, C and E
Dermatologically tested
Ophthalmologically tested
Allergen fragrance free

My thoughts

The serum is nice and light, slightly creamy in texture but absorbs instantly. Although it is fragrance free the scent is nutty which I wasn't too enamoured with and found a bit off putting. I liked the pump action bottle which made it easy to dispense the correct amount that I needed (similar to a grain of rice)

I didn't have any reaction to this at all which is always a plus, however sadly I also didn't see any improvement in my eye area at all. As I try not to chop and change my products, I stuck with this eye serum, applying twice a day for almost 3 months, with no visible signs of change this left me really disappointed.

Unfortunately this product wasn't for me.

Dr. Nick Lowe Age Correct Eye Serum costs £17.35 for 15ml


  1. Such a shame! Although i got the Asda skin system lifting eye cream For a fiver in a 'what have i got to lose' moment a month or so ago. Its no miracle worker (Its only £5!)but its good for the price, brightens and soothes too. I have really sensitive, watery hayfever eyes & really like it.

    1. It really is, my eyes are seriously in need of a miracle! Glad you are liking the Asda eye cream.


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