Thursday 10 May 2012

Celebrity Lookalike - Jennifer Aniston

I was trying on sunglasses in Topshop, Oxford Street this week and the security guard came up to me and asked me if I was Jennifer Aniston which made me laugh!

Obviously I don't actually claim to look like her but there is a slight similarity at certain times..

It is not the first time people have mentioned a likeness, ever since she burst onto our scenes as Rachel in Friends in 1994 I have had people tell me that I look like her.

Occasionally I do look quite similar and I am aware that I happen to have mannerisms and 'looks' that Rachel from Friends does, but that is not so bad is it :-) ?

On the flipside when I wear my hair curly I get told I look like Sarah Jessica Parker (Carrie from Sex In The City) and this is nothing new either, she was in a film called Girls Just Want To Have Fun and back in my teens someone pointed it out...

Do you ever get told you look like a celebrity?


  1. I was asked in a pub if i was in hanson

  2. Ha ha! I can see the likenesses:) I've been told I look like Catherine Zeta Jones, Kate Winslet and Kate Moss! It cracks me up. Could be far worse! I actually saw a pic of Kate Moss in a magazine once and if she hadn't been holding Johnny Depp's hand I would have thought it was me! I'm not saying I am that beautiful or glamorous by the way (!) just sometimes when you catch a glimpse you do see a likeness. x


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