Monday 28 May 2012

BURBERRY Warm Glow Natural Bronzer in Summer Glow 04 - Review

BURBERRY Warm Glow Natural Bronzer in Summer Glow 04. 

From the packaging to the product this bronzer just oozes quality and luxury. The bronzer comes in a BURBERRY print black wallet, the actual product is contained in a BURBERRY print mirrored case that feels nice and solid. With magnetic closure it stays firmly shut.

Applying warm glow is like a dream. Using a bronzer brush,  the finely milled powder blends into the skin beautifully to give a gorgeous and incredibly natural looking glow that makes the skin look flawless and radiant. The shade is ideal for a sun-kissed appearance. I honestly cannot rave about it enough. The colour is perfect for me but it is easily buildable to be layered to look darker.  If you look closely you can see the tiniest of shimmer particles that are in the product. The shimmer is so fine, it is just an incredibly natural addition to the bronzer which adds to the overall 'glow' and gives a healthy sheen to the skin, avoiding that flat matte look.

Swatch of BURBERRY Warm Glow in Summer Glow 04

Summer Glow really does provide me with the most beautiful warmth to my skin, a wonderful yellow based glow as opposed to an orange or dirty brown darkness that some bronzers leave you with. I have to say I am in the process of giving away all my other bronzers as this is by far my favourite. It is pricey but in my opinion worth it.

BURBERRY Warm Glow Natural Bronzer in Summer Glow 04 costs £31

*Provided in a press goody bag


  1. This is beautiful... and while it's pricey, several others at £8-10 more make it seem a bit more palatable! :)

    Nic x

  2. love this! the packaging design alone is wonderful!


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