Wednesday 30 November 2011

Inside the November Glossybox

I wasn't expecting to receive November's GlossyBox as I am not a subscriber. So when the postman knocked with the familiar packaging I couldn't help but smile and feel excited to open it up and reveal its contents. I would imagine that a subscriber has those same feelings :-)

If you have yet to discover what a GlossyBox is please click here for more info.

Inside my GlossyBox (there were a few variations on products sent out)

Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Creme 15ml tube (full size product £19 for 118ml)
Dead Sea Spa Magik Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash 25 ml tube (full size product - £8.80 for 150ml)
Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum 1.5ml (full size product £59 for 75ml)
Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in black and white stripe design (£6.65/pack)
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer pre shampoo treatment 40ml tube (full size product £52.10 for 500ml)

My thoughts

I must admit to being a little disappointed that there wasn't any make-up in November's box however I do feel that they have fulfilled their brief... 'Every month, GLOSSYBOX delivers a mix of 5 exciting product miniatures packed in a beautiful box for you to test at home..'

Personally I haven't tried any of these brands apart from Illamasqua so will find it interesting to discover new brands and the specific products that have been chosen to represent the brand this month.

I am looking forward to trying Freak perfume as I don't manage to visit an Illamasqua counter very often living where I do, so I was pleased to find the sample included in the box as I have been dying to find out what this smelt like! My one criticism would be that it is just a tiny vial, it would be lovely if GlossyBox sent out perfume miniatures as opposed to perfume samples. 

I have yet to try nail wraps so once again it was fantastic to open the box find them inside as it has given me an opportunity to try them out.

I love anything hair related hair, especially things that are going to make my hair shiny, and to be able to try out a Philip Kingsley product (which I consider to be a high end) and not have to shell out £52 first by being sent a good size sample is fab. 

OK - a cooling foot creme is not something I would really consider 'exciting' and perhaps more suited to Summer but even so I can see it coming in handy after a long day shopping or being on my feet all day. With the facial wash, I would probably keep this as a handy travel product for night's away from home.


Mixed feelings..As a beauty blogger perhaps these were not the most exciting products to have been sent out but if I put my 'consumer' hat on, I have received what I had signed up for - 5 products to try contained in a very nicely packaged and useful box. I said way back in May that its success would depend on the quality of the GlossyBox being maintained month in month out and I think so far some months have definitely been more successful than others. 


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