Monday 28 November 2011

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick - Bitten Fig

The Estee Lauder advertising campaign for their new Tom Pecheux created Pure Color Lipsticks range completely lured me in. I had to have the actual lipstick that the model (Constance Jablonski) was wearing as it looked like something that would really suit me. I asked at many counters to no avail, none of the counter staff knew which of the 40 shades it was. I think that if a company is going to have a campaign they really should let the staff know which products are going to be featured. I know I wasn't the only one to ask!

By chance one day I was flicking through a magazine and in tiny lettering I saw the words 'Bitten Fig' on the side of the page of the advert. I have never seen an advert mentioning it since but managed to contact Estee Lauder's PR department who confirmed that Bitten Fig was the shade used. 

The next issue I encountered was that not one of the counters I visited had a sample for me to try..but I was sure this was going to be a good shade for me so I went ahead and bought it anyway.

I have been a fan of Estee Lauder products since the age of 18 and have had quite a few of their lipsticks during that time from nudes to the darkest purples. The Pure Color lipsticks packaging is very attractive and the casing weighty.

The Pure Colour range is available in two finishes - Satin, lasting creme or Lustrous, lasting shimmer. Both promise medium to full coverage and to be long lasting and fade resistant. Packed with conditioning products to keep your lips soft and smooth, they smell wonderful.

Bitten Fig is from the shimmer collection.You can see the sparkle in the swatch below. 

However, sadly I think that I built up Bitten Fig so much in my head that when I finally owned it I was disappointed as on my lips it seems to go on quite flat and I don't think that it is as flattering as I had imagined it was going to be for me..

Above is a shot with flash,  it comes out looking paler than it does on my lips. I have added a full face shot so you can see how it looks. This was taken in the Summer at the height of my hay fever excuse the extra tired looking eyes. 

This was the second (and last) time I wore it, since then Bitten Fig has languished in my drawers. I am not convinced it is really me.. What do you think?

This hasn't stopped me wanting another lipstick from the collection. I love the fullness of colour and the texture of the Pure Color range. I am forever stopping at a counter swatching shades to find my next purchase but this time I will take my time choosing and perhaps have it applied before buying.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks cost £18.50


  1. I really like this on you, I think it suits you xx

  2. I'm with the others, I like this on you, I think you suit a strong colour.

  3. Thank you ladies, have been inspired to dig it out and give it more use!

  4. I have the same experience, it looks too bold for my pale skin tone, and sort of greasy. Maybe try to dab it on, and make it look more like a stain? That's what I do. And then maybe apply some oil free lip balm and a lighter lip liner to give your lips more volume?


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