Friday 29 April 2011

A Right Royal Celebration

Congratulations to Prince William and Catherine Middleton on their beautiful wedding today. I hope they have many years of happiness.

We had a lovely morning watching the build up followed by the ceremony. I couldn't help but get swept up in Royal Wedding Fever and I have to say I enjoyed every minute. Twitter was abuzz with excitement and provided running commentary. Facebook statuses also reflected the mood of the nation.

The bride (the new Duchess of Cambridge) looked simply stunning in her Alexandra Mcqueen dress and her make-up understated but glowy, just perfect for the day . The groom appeared in his finery looking regal and incredibly relaxed. I did however notice how nervous his brother Prince Harry, the best man, looked.

I must admit to having had butterflies in the morning so I can only imagine what Catherine was feeling!

To celebrate the occasion I brought out the Royal Doulton and treated the family to afternoon tea:

I bought flowers similar to the Dolce Vita flowers that I had at my wedding. The menu consisted of finger sandwiches of Coronation chicken, ham and English mustard, a delicious selection of cakes and drank Twinings English Breakfast Tea. We finished with Pimms and Lemonade.


  1. That looks fantastic! what a great way to celebrate .

  2. All looks lovely posh at your house, we had pizza but still had a great time watching the wedding, it was beautiful. Jude xx @jadlgw

  3. Looks lovely, i was at home with the kids as my husband had to work but i still enjoyed watching it. It's lovely to see how so many people made such an effort x

  4. Thanks everyone, I was really pleased with it and it was nice to get out the tea set :-)

    Jude we had a pizza buffet later on at my mother in law's.

    All in all it was one lovely day!

  5. Ooh fab! We had ham and fish paste sandwiches (nom!), scones and French Fancies. Oh, and cocktail sausages. It was about the only thing that raised any interest from my sons! Boo.


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