Wednesday 13 April 2011

My Spring Perfume

You may remember I recently wrote about this from Jo Malone.

Well I was very kindly sent these two scents

Ever since I have received them, I have worn them every day, they are just beautiful. Worn alone they smell fabulous, combined amazing!

The first time I applied it, the postman had just delivered them and I couldn't wait to have a spray. My husband came home and straight away asked what the delightful smell was, if he likes it I am half way there ;-)

Earl Grey and Cucumber Cologne is a really unusual scent but hugely appealing. I like the addition of musk

Sweet Lemon is fresh (fruity) but certainly not overpowering. I am not a fan of fruity scents and this manages to keep the right side of Lemon for me.

As I was bought English Pear and Freesia for Christmas (someone must have been reading my blog..) I am completely set up for Spring.

I cannot wait to try Sweet Milk Cologne as I think it would appeal to my scent buds!

What is your favourite Spring fragrance?


  1. Gorgeous!! I love jo Malone fragrance, I am definitely going to ask for one for my birthday! Xxx

  2. I wanted to buy some but on the Jo Malone site there are no prices and you can't add them to your basket!

  3. How strange Charlie - they were limited edition but released in March, I cannot believe they have gone already, I want to try Sweet Milk !

  4. Hannah, if it is one from the Tea Blends range you want, you should get it soon as it is limited edition :-)


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