Sunday 10 April 2011

NOTD - Me! Me! Me! No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish - New Colour!

No7 are releasing 20 new trend- led shades this Summer. The formulation of the polishes have been updated and they now contain Okume extract to stop nails from becoming brittle while increasing flexibility. Lumiere powder using diamond core technology lifts the colour brightness in the polish. I found this really easy to apply, it comes with a wider brush but it was perfect even for my small nails :-)

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the new shades. I chose to wear it today as the sunshine has really perked me up and I fancied something nice and bright to mirror my mood.

This is a vibrant hot (shocking) pink shade. Perfect for Summer don't you think?

I used 2 coats as I found that one just wasn't enough.

New No7 Stay Perfect Nail Polishes cost £7.50  for 10ml.
Available from 15th June 2011 


  1. Do you know where we can see all the new shades?

    Ms Red


  2. Gorgeous! What a beautiful spring shade :o) x

  3. eeeeeeeee this is so pretty. i want to see all the other shades too. i hope we will have no.7 voucher xx

  4. Ms Red - I am not sure to be honest.

    Hannah and liloo - Isn't it just lovely! Good size bottle too, as I rarely finish mine....


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