Monday 14 March 2011

A Tale Of Two Lipsticks

Once upon a time I used to be a huge fan of Estee Lauder lipsticks (I still am, I am currently coverting Bitten Fig from the new range by Tom Pecheux) and one of my favourites was a shade called Caffe Latte,a long lasting and moisturising lipstick.. as the years passed, I moved away from lipsticks and a passion for glosses ignited and I forget all about this lipstick until one day..

Last year I was invited to a press day where I was introduced to a new makeup brand in the UK, Cult GD and on a table were all the products, including lipstick.

I was drawn to a particular shade SWEET LIPS and immediately thought - oooh that looks lovely and tried it on my hand. I loved it.Once at home I tried it on and sadly found that it didn't suit me after all.

When I had a big clear out of my make-up I came across quite a few old lipsticks and picked up one from Estee Lauder - Caffe Latte, tried it on and sadly found it no longer suited me..but it did remind me of Sweet Lips

Click for a closer look

Top swatch is Sweet Lips, bottom is Caffe Latte

Both are shimmery with tiny flecks, Sweet Lips is ever so slightly pinky/peachier and more pigmented than the Caffe Latte which is slightly browner and more sheer. Actually the difference is really quite slight in real life, and when on the lips hard to tell the difference at all. I put one on my top lip and the other on the bottom and had to really get close to the mirror!

The bad news - Estee Lauder has discontinued Caffe Latte. The good news is that if you liked this shade you will probably like Cult GD's Sweet Lips as an equivalent long lasting and moisturising lipstick.

Sweet Lips from Cult GD costs £8.90


  1. why is that SO pretty???? i want sweet looks like a perfect shade for me, very lovely


  2. Gosh that is probably the best dupe I have ever seen :o) xx

  3. Vonnie - it is indeed very pretty just not for me :-(

    Hannah - I was amazed myself to be honest but it really is a great dupe


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